Класс Убийц Вики

Фумико Утимура - японская сэйю, работающая с VIMS. В "Классе убийц" озвучивает Хинату Окано в Классе убийц (Vomic).


Родилась 16 декабря в префектуре Кагосима, Япония. Известна ролями в Gokukoku no Brynhildr (2014), Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid (2015) and В подземелье я пойду, там красавицу найду (2015).



The riddle of the devil (寒河江 春紀 [2],寒河江 春紀 doll)

Wolf girl and black Prince (schoolgirl,schoolgirl, Yuri)

Very black from air (student,schoolgirl)

Recently, my sister is like me.(Reverse side, baby B)

Blade and soul (cut)


In the framework of the business concept is not a boring world (girls,girls)

There are a couple of open (play・Miyazawa)

New is it wrong to try (the goddess)

Valkyrie drive-mermaid(style, help Center,members, residents,the city,the poor,women)

Heavy object (researcher, beauty investigator,nurse)

Monster daughter that every day (clerk)


Compete woman!!!!!!!!(Miki, dream, student)

The weakest loses the guise of the God machine Dragon (female student)

NORN9 Norn+notes net (discount rate)

Prince・double step (girls)

Mob psycho 100 (Yankee girl)


Watch-working -(videos)

Dive!!(Elementary age level)

Bets care mobile (landscaping Committee member)

The idolm @ ster SideM prologue-episode-of-Jupiter-(fan)

The dog and you (the student)


The knights of the class remembered the beginning of the white in 2011 (girls)

Monster daughter that every day (in 2016,the nurse B) * the mix volume 11 OUD specialty plate



Clean the terminal girls (hime mix)

Memories are all from memory


I support cancer (fire crystal)


I support cancer the PS3 version (fire-breathing crystals)

Pink wars the complete course (the wagon part of them all)

Love the battle!! Space-time Sankey (St. Mary)

Love the battle!! Fairy Princess (business team)


Angel master (set)

Hit Mina girls invitation (heat mechanism family)

Someone! (Touch)


My Princess kawaii (beautiful Princess Emma・TV)


Omega City (PT Mirelle)

Club girl figh


Asylum (pit 璃々子)

Sylva Rio Vendetta-verse of Orpheus (CY・level trigger)

LEGO Internet knights: castle mark 2. 0 (Macy Halbert)


Omega S labyrinth (Platinum Mirelle)


Di Dora&Rainey at train robbery (Rainey 〈Rachel crow〉)

LEGO net original German (Halbert)

Radio drama

Quantum mechanics puppies as glasses guts laid man! (Passers-by)

Digital comics

VOMIC of the assassination classroom (Okano Hinata)


Bold is transmitted.※ This Is An Internet With Delivery.

Arad senki: web Radio-Kahn and Fumiko Radio!!! (2013 音泉※)

Eriko Matsui・Uchimura Fumiko play in the store (2015 - 2017 years, the Ani-Mate TV※radio Osaka・YouTube※)

Internet TV

So☆this is not TV (2010 years 11 months 16 days - March 2011 1 may 18, I☆cancer official website)

I support cancer challenge raw pounding?! 24 hours☆play Carnival (2012 year 2 month 17 day 18 day Nico Nico live)

Someone! 1st anniversary of shipping live"what about love"(2011 年 12 月 28 day, 29 day, game my memory channel)

Drama CD

The level of the crown 〜die Krone von Bernstein〜(end)

Yandere her (student B)

Music CD

Release date title the Title of the Music tie-up


1 month 27 days Just☆don't knock the sound all-in-one! With disabilities☆(teramoto to you Lai you Wang,Fumiko Uchimura, Uchida Maaya, Yamamoto hope) "When☆carousel" On the Xbox 360 game"I play is my"song

Fiery crystal "One"


3 month 8 days Just☆don't knock the sound all-in-one! Board ☆For people with disabilities (teramoto you let, Fumiko Uchimura,Uchida Maaya,Yamamoto hope) "Internet browser" PS3 game"I play is my"song


2 months 27 days Makai heaven/sky angel in this Group! On the Internet (原由 real) and sensory (Uchimura Fumiko)] "Angel Sky" Social game"someone!" Song


5 month 14 days the Black Suite・introduction 10 sets black(Suwa Ayaka, Professor Kim 寿子, best leading actress for her role Asakura 杏美,Fumiko Uchimura, Uchida manami, Misawa, 紗千 of incense, following Yuka, Arakawa Miho, she's just friendly, 安済 Chica, numakura manami Yamada Yuki) "Queen" TV anime"devil's riddle"ending theme

6 month 11 days Black Lux・break Uchimura Fumiko as 寒河江 春紀 "As it is not sympathy"

10 sets of black (Suwa Ayaka,Professor Kim 寿子,best leading actress for her role Asakura 杏美,Fumiko Uchimura,Uchida manami,Misawa, 紗千 of incense, following Yuka,Arakawa Miho,she's just friendly,安済 Chica, numakura manami Yamada Yuki) "the LAST PARTY"

7 month 9 days Black Deluxe cooler "Listen, if we honor it" TV anime"riddle of the devil"the song inserts


4 month 8 days Is a pair of open character・song・album -“d”girls - Level Miyazawa (Uchimura Fumiko) Luch bullet TV anime"there are a couple of open"

4 on November 29, There are a couple of open character・song・album-a wonderful mid-tour guide - the "LUNAR DREAM"

Iris・Freya (Hidaka Rina),his 深月 (Numakura Manami), Lee and Walker (Professor Kim 寿子),rule (tokui blue sky), TV Miyazawa (Uchimura Fumiko), and lightning (Sakura road) "Beam" the bullet


2 on 29 Nov Collection omega song maze♪ Platinum Mireille(Uchimura Fumiko) "Precious Time" Playing"omega labyrinth"character songs


Clean the terminal girls soundtrack launch event (2010 年 12 月 5 days)

The theme of the tour live‘10 winter (2010 年 12 月 12 days)

The sports・fan Festa 2012(2012 years 2 month 22 days)

"Angel master"world premiere at AKIBA cookie☆kiss Thank you holiday (2013 年 8 月 30 days)



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