Класс Убийц Вики

Хироки Гото - японский сейю, рассказчик, актёр сцены работающий с Across Entertainment. В "Классе убийц" озвучивает Танаку Нобута


Родился 16 ноября 1985 года в префектуре Сайтама.  Дебютировал как сэйю в 2009 году. Часто исполняет роли второстепенных и гостевых персонажей, а также персонажей поддержки.




Fairy tail (2009-2012,Bob, the soldier,the Maltese system,Washington, Berwick, etc.)


And only from (sub)

Flash night RAID (boy's father)

The Golden child (plum)


And 645 in"laugh!"

Genki!! Of ekoda-Chan (N,guy B, store Manager, male)

Shakugan no Shana III finale (“hump the drum broken to shout”download the app)

SCAT dance (boys B)

Different as me (man,same, and 漫研 man,the Falconer,ukai I)

Duel masters victory (mini-pack)

Cat God I (宗竹 Palace 牧太郎,deliveryman)

Hunter×hunter (2nd produce) (Mariner B).

Pre-cat (the great teacher, etc.)

Persona4 the animation (conductor,mask, people, etc.)

I was there! Mediumship teacher (the teacher,the main,the game of hanafuda youkai boss,cats)

Seriously I'm in love with a girl.(Minister,Governor of Tokyo)


Option EVOL (violin of the old man killing the guards)

Brother happy, even if he (the conductor)

Shining hearts bread of happiness (RAID C)

Humanity sheds (cabin main)

Sword art online (2012 - 2013,player) - 1 Series + special Chapter

One goal (of Nomura)

Thermae・Roman square (grandparents, girls,hot our 2, security guard B, and the bandits 3)

Hayate the combat Butler! Can't take my eyes off you (the kidnappers Used,矢尾井)

Metal fight beyblade ZEROG (radar B)

Jormungand perfect order (empty case)

2013☆Prince-sama♪ magic LOVE2000% (Director)

AKB0048 next stage (staff)

Comments (Kanno, eiichiro,藤尾 teacher, passenger, driver)

Glass mask (桜小路 great, occasions, postmen and others) - series 2

Gintama' (soldier B, veterinary)

Doraemon (Ebisu, foreign, male, B)

Photo Kano (drawing hall cashier)

Next to the king (citizens)

The only Vintage I (the narrative, the real objective pair, the male customers,the Soviet Union shot of Sutherland, the great sage Barron)

Glasses drive! (Clerk)

Log horizon (2013 to 2015,the Registration bills, smash, cod liver oil,the player, shopkeeper,狐猿) - 2 series


Oreka battle (with)

Fang wolf-GARO - flame engraved-(INN host)Gundam reconguista in G (Director, design, Director)Samurai flamenco (moderator,speaker,doctor)

Rage of Bahamut series (2014 - 2017 years, man, slave, merchant) - 2 series

Space☆Dandy (aliens,Galaxy I the clerk,the 7th fleet commander,chief alien hunter, etc.)World domination〜conspiracy from the Villa Size〜(Natasha's father)

Soon di! (Horizontal stripes)Nanda cut Veronica (almost to the gazebo and son, space tracker)

Class node (speaker,student e)

Not complete (the same or)

Hard drive (guy)

Ping pong the animation (Bear father)

Cool ground cherry (2014 - 2017, persimmons help, ginger, editors, Abe taisei,獄卒 others) - series 2

Magical girl war (dark side will meet the leader,the bike is dark)

LOVE STAGE!!(太山 desperate sounds, suspicious persons)


Assassination classroom (Tanaka Nobuta)

More B V G D E Zh Z I Y K-dimensional main battle Gigant shooter (Tanaka Ichiro〈surface 道司 Michio〉,judge, presenter, producer)

Durarara!!×! 2 We / roll (students,young people in Ikebukuro, voice, free size)

The highlight (the rich man)

Password series (2015 - 2016 narrative, and others) - series 2

Monster have retsuden Oreka battle (Brave General subject,the devil Nan one line)Yu-GI-Oh arc-V (duel Hunter 227)

Theme (Balinese customs and 649Z mark II,car Fetish,Yeager, cross, key,games, security, gas system, etc.)


Mobile soldier Gundam UC-0096 (Federal soldiers)昭和元禄 rakugo shinju (clerk)

D. gray-man HALLOW (gas mask inspector, Baba)Shenzhou knitting (designer)


ACCA13 district monitoring unit (group support, the German branch Director)

Dentist dragon霊剣 mountains of wisdom skill (Ghost)

Starting from scratch magic letters (the priest,magician, Group B)

Soon (Kagame led the discussion, saying without you)

Boundary of RINNE (before the owner of spirit)In 2018

Darling・in・French kiss (parameters)

Смешанные роли:


Хладнокровный Ходзуки [ТВ-2] - вокал [Dai! Jigo Jigo-bushi]



Tofu Kozo (today)Tony ran up to me Doo (lion)


Tiger & Bunny-the beginning-(driver castle BISON staff)

Аниме фильмы

Fairy Tail priestess of the Phoenix


Aura 〜the magic dragon 光牙 last fight(Saito)

The glass of the mask in the movie the girl spy of love! Purple rose has a dangerous scent!?(桜小路 good,Kobayashi 源造)

Theater version Gintama complete hen yorozuya forever (veil mechanic B)

Hal (mind you,the worker, radio host)


Ghost in the shell film (ito, Vice-Minister)


The on genocide (EAS)



Mobile soldier Gundam UC


Passionate human face, a dog's life is a movie (store Manager)


Cool ground cherries OVA (pellet, peach Manager)

The theme (picture) * the mix volume 10 anime DVD complete edition

Веб анимация


And to see You! Systems-kun Zeus (tempura and I,I know that sir, boiled thick,a male or a system of Zeus, and not the Pope)


And to see You! The Zeus system I phase 2 (to sir, meat shock☆switches, narrative, account Executive)

Ninja assassin game anime Chillon (the frogman)



Bloody Call


ACE COMBATX 2 joint assault

Cross Bray

Clock zero-second〜Starry☆sky 〜after spring〜Hakuoki reimei Registration


Line guide! 〜Rampage teacher of the child at school〜Nindou 2 散華(merchant)Fairy tail portable Guild 2 (the protagonist of Avatar)



Spurs (Max・Academy series)Star buried drag news (ghouls)Brave Lee default flying fairy


Brave browser and the website whether the defaultAfter performing all these tests a total score will be calculatedMetro: last light (Paul)


I worked for all 2 (Haidian in the North of the serpent Maro, Bang yen,土々呂 Zhen Xuan, the flow 夷 Saburo)

Major masters (Buxtehude)

War (Sergio・“health gate”・Cocteau)


Sword art online-lost・song-Tropico 5 (crane power line Dr)

Hyakka ryouran elixir 〜record of Torenia Revival (access to services・Hyacinthe)

Fallout 4 (If you're a Jack-of-all-trades Tom)


For watch (trash rats)

Location・Saga-blue knights (Eckhart)

Adjustment code Size 3 (Mario・Frigo)

Shadowverse (goblins, skull, steel Knight, 天翼 to eat it,entwined about the Ghost)

The group is trying to do!Brave death.(Thomas)


Captain Tsubasa ~the team~(Alberto)

Gravity daze 2/gravity, dizziness conclusion:upper to return to play in her Universe converge selected (address data)

True goddess reincarnation deep strange trip (to Norway)

Layton family channels in the list entry and the millionaire conspiracy (multi-link multi-Reggie・Yang multi)

Drama CD 

Kazuki then right? (Primary teacher, RS)I like art (narrative, male 3, henchmen 1, each)

In order to reach you, secret party 〜North high school 学校祭 hood designs side

The koi sentai love and peaceRomance of the three kingdoms fans Edge gate (teacher)

Type Game interface reward in the drama CD(the state B,audience, 1. 6, the list 8)

Cat God and the first four seasons (humorist)Fairy tail bangai hen couple go!Hetalia fantasy 3 (player)

The magician with the fence is the journey〜the promised Land(Kucher,vampire)

Manga in minutes from Hong Kong teaches Oliver hand (somewhere in the father, doctor,teacher)

Brave man your master(Raul)※novel Volume 3 audio drama for benefitsRomance 黙秘権(attorney)