Класс Убийц Вики

Томохиро Ямагучи - японский сэйю. Он работает с B-Box. В Классе убийц OVA озвучивает Сугая Сосуке.


Родился 26 декабря 1987 года в префектуре Токио, Япония. Известен работой в Твое имя (2016), Ultraman Jîdo (2017) and Gigant Shooter Tsukasa (2014) и др. Хобби - игра на музыкальных инструментах, плаванье.


Аниме2011Black (students)2014More B V G D E Zh Z I Y K-dimensional main battle Gigant shooter (桐谷. M. [6])Black (criminal)In 2015More B V G D E Zh Z I Y K-dimensional main battle Gigant shooter(桐谷. M. European website)In 2016Galaxy of combat machine corps majestic Prince the first 25 episodes (group leader)Deception craft (Zhuge)Battery (Ohira)One of the under-outcast (partner B, Express personnel)Bloodivores (PAO・sewing project)Help the robot!(In 2016, in 2017, to reduce business Tiger, Wu and many data path, and dogwood, nail gun Dragon)In 2017Dentist dragonFight card!! Vanguard g follows (Fighter)Natsume's book of friends Lu (the students I saw)TSUKIPRO animation (friend B,event MC,ramen shop,staff,crew, etc.)ТеатрYour name.(In 2016 Matsumoto)OVA The murder class (2013 Mimura 航輝)※jump super anime tour 2013 showsBSP(in 2014, Fujita, purple)Игры2009Website online love? (Student a)The level of access in the futureTomb Raider: Underworld2010Super scary story DS blue Head2011BEYOND THE FUTURE - FIX THE TIME ARROWS -2012Participant of the anthology of the website Klitschko 恋愛遊戯hysteric birthday 2U2014OTOGEAR〜video gear〜(Pinocchio)Party blood In 2015End of heaven to the other(TSUKASA [14])Heroes Of History(Kevin)Ø proposal(Shinonome Makoto) In 2016Dragon Hunter coopDrama CD Akira Amari teacher's brilliant seminars (Ishikawa VSH)E22 (nikaido, Hiroshi)Key FOMM Volume. 1 (宇賀神 泰永)Trustee bell 〜Chopin's dream〜(with soldier)A member of the assault to call! Was to spend two days and one night journey(犬丸 晴行) [16]Lehman data systems squadron Rangers (Buy the name of the theme song for free)No, but I'll do my best to do so.Generous and just,ДубляжDesign・true romance (Robert)Be happy to the 10th day (Kevin lip works)Dr. Jekyll and memory (Walter Swain)Infection bioFlowers Michio〈drive〉(iodine)My movie (Bobby)Female DemonGuy and it makes her uncomfortable is sex!Daming PalaceBrave soldiers・sanctuaryKatie's virgin diariesComplete the application form (Kent)Color version (switch data)Digital comics World manufacturer Nippon steel Glosbe knitting (2013 Kikuchi)Special effects Ultraman, India (in 2017, the option to vote)Stage d Theater"A pig and a motorcycle"(in 2008)(Dr. d, the saloon man, prosecutors, lawyers role)Troupe Tokyo Suzuki district"The main line×dash"(2012) (waiter・遥太 to help)"Gold!" (In 2012, 2013, 2014) (combatants international rules for reference・飛谷 遥太 to help)"Not Me!" (2013)(help 遥太,play video edit)"BLT! Girl with a round aquarium"(in 2015) (customer・one of the two to help (with cast)"Open 90 minutes"(in 2016) (drunken customer, and help(valuation day))"The main line×dead line" (in 2017)(the voice performance)Complete enterprise"The series of Dream Seoul"(2013) (video game help)Levels"Tourist 望海 the ocean" (2015, 2016)"You can still Rock in the hospital" (in 2016)Jack Team Chan"My boots"(in 2016) (the care D・Santa to help the truck (with cast))Model Ranger―in-one for of the Committee on production"Reading drama model Ranger in" (in 2016) (item cast from MK)BQMAP"88"(in 2017)B-Field"B-window special theater"I want you' lyrics house of the people""( in 2017)Magazine Voice actor Grand Prix 2009 to 12 OctoberTo pick up the voice volume. 86Web shows The creative class is a common class of instructions(Nico,2010, 2 month, 18 days)Radio Seki Lala Radio♪(YouTube:2012 years 6 months 26 days ‐ [17])Imai Asami and 原由 radio"party R"(guest appearance)Dual world time seduction radio〜Internet-radio 〜(radio) (Radio TOMO!: 2014 9 months 5 days - 2016 years 9 months 9 days)The creators in radio(on YouTube in 2015 11 Nov 6,evaluation of appearance)PV Omi 知永"favorite"If one★Paradise~reverse harem edition ~ (narration)Music CD Voyager - on the activities of the"Voyager (music unit)" refer tograviton-winter selection Volume. 2-(2009 April 1 to 30,Buying the name)escape (name prompted her to write)Feelings loopIn the BSP Theme song single CD (2014 year 10 month 24 days the Name prompted her to write)Good choice (2015 year 8 months 1 day)Radio CD Binary radio DJCD~version ~ (2015 年 12 月 16 days) DVD Party"Kisaragi Gakuen" ~Kisaragi festival ~ (2015 years 1 months 28 days)Narrative Ultraman festival 2017CM