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This is a list of allusions found throughout Assassination Classroom.

  • The surnames of the students of Class 3-E are derived from the surnames of most of the ronin in the story of the Forty-seven Ronin. Gakuhō Asano's surname is derived from Asano Naganori, the daimyo whom the forty-seven ronin avenged.

Chapter 7

Chapter 10

Chapter 12

  • Korosensei wears a headband with the symbol of Konohagakure to indicate to Terasaka that he is "weak in multiple subjects", similar to Naruto.

Chapter 13

Chapter 16

  • Kanzaki visualizes Ryuk from Death Note with a ruined face of Jesus identical to that of the fresco painting Ecce Homo, restored in 2012 by amateur Spanish artist Cecilia Giménez.

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

  • Red Eye imagines numerous red objects inside his sniper's scope, including Elmo, Mario's hat, and a Japan Post mailbox.
  • One of the actors of the samurai show, who is defending a woman, wears a scar and says he wouldn't hurt people. It is likely a reference to Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin, a samurai with the same scar, who doesn't like hurt the others if he can and refuse to kill.

Chapter 21

  • The sweets shop navigation system installed by Korosensei into Ritsu has donuts pointing to Australia and Canada, possibly implying locations for Donut King and Tim Hortons.

Chapter 22

Chapter 25

Chapter 27

  • The silhouette of the unkillable monster Lovro envisions has a pose resembling that of Mewtwo from Pokemon, but with extra claws and horns added. The man in front of it wears the same clothes as Ash.

Chapter 29

  • When it is revealed Korosensei and Itona are "brothers", they're subsequently visualized in a series of panels as part of other famous brother duos in their respective roles. The second panel consists of Sazae Fuguta and (sister of) Katsuo Isono from Sazae-san. The third panel consists of Takehiro Donoue (number 63) and Naomichi Donoue (number 1) from the Chunichi Dragons, a Japanese professional baseball team. The last panel consists of Raditz and Goku from Dragon Ball Z.

Chapter 30

Chapter 32

  • Korosensei is seen resting with a cola drink with the logo's font similar to that of Coca-Cola.

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

  • Sugaya recalls making a drawing of Dutch painter Rembrandt on the back of an assignment.
  • Korosensei tries to feed Irina a stick of Pooky, a spoof of the real-life Pocky.

Chapter 58

Chapter 63

Chapter 67

Chapter 72

  • The usefulness of the Nekodamashi in a fight is compared to the tarot cards of the moon, the fool and the chariot.

Chapter 74

Chapter 77

  • Takebayashi's curse is represented by a heart wrapped in chains. It can be a reference to Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter, who has a chain on his heart. This technique is considered as very bad and dangerous.

Chapter 96

Chapter 98

Chapter 104

  • Korosensei is seen cosplayeing as Doraemon, a tentacle in his pocket, when the God of Death explains he needs more information on him. Matsui used Doraemon's pocket to illustrate Korosensei's unknown abilities.

Chapter 106

  • The students visualize the confrontation between Karasuma and the God of Death as a fight in Godzilla movies.

Chapter 117

Chapter 147

  • On the first page, Nagisa and Karma are represented as the Death and Devil tarot cards respectively.

Chapter 154

  • The picture of Korosensei's clone between a temple is a reference to a TV show called Yuku Toshi Kuru Toshi (which can be translate by "A year departing and a year coming") which shows live scenes at different temples.
  • The "He was ridiculous!" is a phrase of Nakanishi Takahiro which has became an Internet meme.

Chapter 159

  • One of Korosensei's clone wears a wig with short bangs and a headband on which there is "I cut my bangs too short!", a reference to Mito Natsume's song "I cut my bangs too short".

Chapter 162

Chapter 176

  • A reference is made to Jojo's Bizarre Adventure when a painting used as target practice appears in the style of the stand Thoth; further referencing a picture where the main character Jotaro Kujo is shot by two bullets (in this case, the character on the painting was Korosensei).