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The Anti-Sensei Weapons are special weaponry developed for the assassination of Korosensei.


Anti-Sensei weapons are made with a special rubber-like material that are only effective against Antimatter Tentacle-based lifeforms, such as Korosensei, thus making them harmless to ordinary humans. They have been shown in the form of BB bullets, grenades, knives, nets, cages, and even clothing.

Tentacle lifeforms are immune to ordinary weapons, in fact, metal weapons and ammunition will actually melt if they pass through the body of a tentacle-based lifeform. Anti-Sensei weapons on the other hand will cause the cellular tissue of a tentacle-based lifeform to disintegrate upon mere contact.

Main Appearances[]

Anti-Sensei Bullets[]

The Anti-Sensei bullets are small, round BB gun pellets. They are fired from pressurized air guns which take the appearances of real guns.

They can be used in a variety of ways, such being embed in baseball, a method of delivery that is much quieter than the air gun. They can be scattered across the floor in hopes that the intended target will step on them, causing their tentacle feet to disintegrate.

These pellets were once loaded into a fragmentation grenade by Terasaka in his first attempt to kill Korosensei.

Anti-Sensei Knives[]

The Anti-Sensei Knives take the form of green military combat knives. They have the strength and bendability of ordinary rubber.

The knives can be used in a variety of ways. They can be cut up and pasted/taped to something in hopes that the target will touch them, such as attaching the pieces to one's hand and then offering the target a handshake. The knives can also be used as spikes in a pitfall trap, or tied to bamboo poles to be used as spears.

In Episode 3, after using the aforementioned handshake technique on Koro-sensei, Karma Akabane is shown holding an Anti-Sensei butterfly knife. It is presumed that he created it himself, but this is unconfirmed.

Anti-Sensei Textiles[]

The Anti-Sensei material can be made into fabric which can be sewed into clothing. Anti-Sensei Clothing functions like a protective suit of armor that will disintegrate the flesh of an tentacle-based lifeform that touches it. The fibers can also be used to make Anti-Sensei nets.

Other Appearances[]

Operation: Last Assassin[]

Spear of Heaven[]

The Anti-Tentacle-Creature Permeable Laser Satellite, or "Spear of Heaven", was a colossal Anti-Sensei satellite weapon built by the government. The satellite itself was modeled after a tortoise. The weapon works by shooting a silent beam of light specifically designed to vaporize tentacle-based creatures, specifically Korosensei. The laser is powered by antimatter lifeorms, and amplified by a giant particle accelerator. At full power, the laser can cover the entire zenith of the old campus hill. The Spear hovered in outerspace in Earth's orbit directly over Japan, and at an altitude of 400 km, awaiting for Operation: Last Assassin to commence. On the night of March 6, Tadaomi Karasuma informed the government that Korosensei was alone in the Class 3-E Campus, just as planned. The government then commenced the operation, and the Spear of Heaven fired its laser down onto the campus. However, because it only fired at 20% its power, it just barely missed Korosensei. The government then decided to recharge the Spear, and have it fire again with full power. The recharge took a week, and in the meantime, they trapped Korosensei within the Shield of Earth. In the end though, it didn't matter. Korosensei's students killed him in front of the school on the night of March 13, just 3 hours before the laser was to fire again. The laser did eventually fire down on the hill, but by that time there was little point; none of the students even noticed. A reconnaissance team sent to the campus afterwards to see what happened was told off by Karasuma.

Shield of Earth[]

A large energy dome designed to destroy anything made of the antimatter tentacles, used to prevent Korosensei from escaping the range of the Spear of Heaven. After the first laser from the Spear of Heaven failed to kill Korosensei, the government immediately set up the dome, by firing six lasers from different locations around the city. The lasers converged on the old campus hill, and formed a hexagonal barrier which morphed into an anti-sensei dome. From the outside, the shield appeared as a cloudy orange dome. From the inside, the shield simply appeared as a dome of transparent orange hexagons. Later, Yanagisawa, also augmented with tentacles, was rendered permanently disabled after being propelled toward the barrier, which destroyed all of his tentacle cells. The shield was taken down upon Korosensei's death.


  • While a Tentacle lifeform cannot make direct contact with this material without their flesh decomposing, they can safely touch it indirectly, picking it up with a piece of tissue paper for example.
  • The air guns used for the anti-sensei bullets are modeled after M4 Assault Rifles and M1911 Handguns.
    • The sniper rifle variant used by Chiba in the anime is modeled after the R93 Sniper Rifle.
  • In the anime, the BB pellets, airguns, and knives have the acronym S.A.A.U.S.O. (Special Arms Against Unidentified Slimy Octopus) imprinted on them.
    • The knives also have the full words printed in smaller letters just below the acronym.