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Assassination Classroom is the anime adaption of the manga with the same name that premiered January 9, 2015. The series is produced by Lerche and directed by Seiji Kishi. The anime is broadcasted by Fuji Television in Japan on the late Friday night slot and Funimation has also received the rights for internet, US streaming,[1] and a Broadcast dub which was released on February 18, 2015.[2] The first opening theme of the anime is Seishun Satsubatsuron (青春サツバツ論 Savage Youth Theory) by character VAs, Mai Fuchigami, Aya Suzaki, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Ryoto Ohsaka, and Shintarō Asanuma as a group named 3-nen E-gumi Utatan (Class 3-E Song Unit) and the first ending theme Hello, shooting-star by moumoon.

The second season titled "Assassination Classroom: Second Season" (renamed Final Season after the conclusion of the manga) began on January 7, 2016. Its first opening theme is QUESTION by 3-nen E-gumi Utatan (Class 3-E Song Unit) and its first ending theme is Waning Moon by Shion Miyawaki.

The Anime can be watched on Hulu, Apple TV, Prime Video, and Crunchyroll.


According to the 2014 31st issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump, the voice actor cast for the anime is different from the voice actors in both the "VOMIC" and 2013's OVA voice actor casts.[3]

The first news of the cast revealed the voice actors of Korosensei, Tadaomi Karasuma, and Irina Jelavić and[4] later, the voice actors of Class 3-E's students (minus Itona Horibe and Ritsu) were revealed. Among them was Nobuhiko Okamoto, Karma Akabane's voice actor, who of which is the only VA to reprise his role from 2013's OVA.[5]


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An exclusive event OVA adaptaton of Assassination Classroom was produced by Brain's Base and premiered at the Jump Super Anime Tour 2013 on October 6, 2013 at its first stop in Sapporo. It was released on DVD on December 27, 2013 as a bundle with Volume 7.

Openings and endings[]

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Japanese Staff[]

  • Director: Seiji Kishi
  • Screenplay: Makoto Uezu
  • Music: Naoki Sato
  • Original Creator: Yusei Matsui
  • Character Design: Kazuaki Morita
  • Art Director: Ayumu Miyakoshi
  • Chief Animation Director:
    • Keiko Kurosawa
    • Kouji Yamagata
  • Mechanical Design: Tomohito Hirose
  • Sound Director: Sato Iida
  • CGI Director: Masafumi Uchiyama
  • Director of Photography: Yuusuke Mishina
  • Animation Producer: Yūji Higa
  • Color Design: Tarō Kaguchi
  • Animation Effects Director: Takashi Hashimoto
  • Prop Design: Tomohito Hirose
  • Sub-Character Design: Keiko Kurosawa
  • Theme Song Composition: Kouhei Tanaka (OP)
  • Theme Song Lyrics: Aki Hata (OP)
  • Theme Song Performance:
    • 3-nen E-gumi Utatan (OP)
    • Moumoon - Miyakawa Shion (ED)
  • Animation Production: Lerche
  • Broadcaster: Fuji TV
  • Production:
  • Assassination Classroom Production Committee:
    • Avex Pictures
    • Fuji TV
  • Sound Production: Dax Production

English Staff[]

  • ADR Director: Joel McDonald
  • Script: J. Michael Tatum
  • Executive producer: Gen Fukunaga
  • Producers:
    • Carly Hunter
    • Justin Cook
    • Michael Harcourt
  • Internet Streaming: FUNimation Entertainment
  • Licensed by: FUNimation Entertainment


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