• 69 Karma 69

    Season 3

    July 2, 2020 by 69 Karma 69

    Will there ever be a season 3 or 4? We need a new season if it's not coming out. Start a petition to get season 3 or 4, Email the studio behind its creation and let's try and get it, I'm aware there's no authentic copy of manga for them to use, but we can try. I've posted this on reddit and emailed them, please I'm in love with the show I've completed it. Also as a fun part who's your favourite character mine is karma akabane.. please try atleast for s3 or 4

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  • Liu-Kang-Mortal-Kombat

    help me S1 Ep1

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  • Ultimatekitty565
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  • SakuraChan25
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  • ChewsWisely

    Your Opinion

    September 25, 2019 by ChewsWisely

    Hey guys, I've recently finished watching Assassination Classroom, and is looking for the mangas. I am completely shattered by what happened in the ending episode, and I believe that this was the best/saddest anime I have ever watched. I've read hundreds upon hundreds of books (bookworm right here) and so far, the mangas seem amazing. I would like to know your opinions on Assassination Classroom, rate it, or just say your opinion. Thanks!

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  • HeartlessRioNakamura

    Top 3 favourite anime’s: 1: fate/ stay night: unlimited blade works 2: fairytale 3: assassination classroom Other anime’s I’ve watched: - blue exorcist - black butler -Yuri!!! On ice - durarara x2 - pokemon - Naruto - sword art online - Puella magi Madoko Magica - code geass - fruits basket - death note - ouran high school host club My ships: Krio ( karma & rio)- assassination classroom TamaHaru (Tamaki & Haruhi)- ohhc Asurito (asuna & kirito)- sao Sebaceil ( Sebastian & ceil)- black butler

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  • RaiderZ

    Since Assassination Classroom is a Japanese series, translating certain names into English doesn't always give the same results.

    Let's use the God of Death as an example. The name "God of Death" is the literal translation of the rōmaji Shinigami and is used by many fan scanlations. However, Funimation refers to him as "The Reaper" in both the official subs and dubs of the anime and VIZ Manga refers to him as the "Grim Reaper". On another note, his wiki trivia page lists his "Invisible Scythe" as the "Grim Reaper's Invisible Scythe", despite the article being named "God of Death".

    There's also Craig Houjou; the wiki uses the rōmaji for his last name, but VIZ manga labels it as "Hojo".

    What name variant should be the wiki's main preference? I'm person…

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  • RaiderZ

    Manual of Style creation

    August 7, 2018 by RaiderZ

    To help give editors an idea of what an article should have, I have created the first parts of the wiki's Manual of Style.

    So far, all that it has are general guidelines (articles should use English, articles should be from a neutral perspective, etc.). Page formatting, name variants (e.g. God of Death, Grim Reaper, The Reaper) and other specific guidelines have yet to be added.

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  • RaiderZ

    Proposal to Adopt

    July 19, 2018 by RaiderZ

    As you may have discovered from the title, I'm planning to adopt this wiki, as there's a lot of content that needs updating, specifically the chapter pages, a few character articles and information on the spin-off Koro-Sensei Q!. I would also like to remove a few select redundant articles (ones with little to no content and little to no relation to the series at all).

    If inquiring into my experience, I have ran three wikis as an admin during my entire time on Wikia, each of which can be located on my profile.

    I'm looking forward to getting to work with you all!

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  • 単純

    Who is best boy?

    March 16, 2018 by 単純
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  • Ayami-ryus

    The beggining

    March 2, 2018 by Ayami-ryus

    HI im Ayami-ryus i like mild hentai, anime, and haiku, im a weeb, join the squad, my favorite animes are.....qualidea  code, fairytail, kaze no stigma, shakugan no shana, the popular SWORD ONLINE, mew mew tokyo, Magical Girl Raising Project, Blend s, prolly more i forgot but ya know to many to count, imvery kawaii YEET,its ya boi AYAMI-RYUS

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  • Animelover7753

    I knew this was going to happen. I knew that people were gonna get confused with the whole "Kayano being pregnant" thing. I was confused at first but I got a friend to clarify the true meaning of what Kayano meant and if she's with Nagisa or not. Now then, do I believe Kayano is pregnant? No. Do I believe she got together with Nagisa? No. Kayano said so herself: Nagisa isn't thinking of her and is focusing on his career just as Kayano is focusing on hers. They have no time for a relationship, let alone time to f*** and have a kid. To add onto this, the two of them are thriving in their careers. Do you think Kayano would get pregnant NOW? Also, if they got together, imagine all of the rumors that would be spread about the two of them, and i…

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  • ZeldaStudent

    Manga's end is in sight

    February 19, 2016 by ZeldaStudent

    This week's release of Chapter 176: The Time Has Come has revealed that only four more chapters are left to conclude the Assassination Classroom manga. And it seems that students will carry on the life lessons Korosensei had taught them for the future despite their own personal feelings.

    For those who have been following the story since it all began, how do you feel about this in general? For others like me who only discovered this part of the way (or never heard about it until you saw the anime), what are your thoughts likewise? Feel free to comment down below or anywhere else on the wiki where it's relevant!

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  • Naaaaaaa

    about the a.c movie...

    October 27, 2015 by Naaaaaaa

    So there are volume and chapters/vomics/anime/yusei matsui in series content of a.c wikia. But what about the a.c movie? I thought it was released in japan and korea on march and october and the DVD was on sale on october...but no content of the movie ver yet. If i were to find the torrent of the movie i would edit the a,c movie content but i cannot find it yet. isnt there anybody who will edit the movie content? 

    By the way, i've heard that the 2nd season of the movie also available in 2016. I hope i could watch both. LoL

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  • Gcheung28

    Start the countdown, Assassination Classroom fans! The twitter account for the anime announced today that the popular anime is getting a Season 2...coming to fans in 2016! The account sent out the announcement with this picture:

    The Twitter account also announced that the "Koro-Train," a Seibu Railray train decorated with Assassination Classroom designs, will make two special runs from Ikebukuro to Toshimaen on June 28. During these runs, Koro-sensei voice actor Jun Fukuyama will be on board to do the train announcements.

    Are you excited about the announcement? Share with us in the comments below!

    Source: Anime News Network

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  • Hoshishiros

    Kakoikomi No JIkan

    June 16, 2015 by Hoshishiros

    ummmm..... so i was wondeing, does anyone else aside from me plays the mobile game of assassination classroom; kakoikomi no jikan?-

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  • AriaFlight16

    Red VS Blue

    June 13, 2015 by AriaFlight16

    So the most recent chapter has shocked me on new levels. I had a feeling that Karma wasn't going to fully agree with Nagisa's ideas with abolishing the mission to kill Koro-sensei, but never would I have guessed it was going to be something like this. 

    Karma basically calls out on Nagisa, asking him if he was being overly "cocky" and points out that everyone else in the class was working their hardest to kill Koro-sensei; everyone was trying or thinking of a way to kill him. Although no one can argue that Nagisa is the best assassin in the class, Karma stated that just because Nagisa was the better assassin, he was (inevertingly), calling everyone else in the class "weak". Everyone else has their own unique way of "assassination", but I thin…

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  • Halo1081

    The War of Class E

    June 13, 2015 by Halo1081

    So after Nivaans notified me of Chapter 143 spoilers, I had told a friend of mine who also keeps up with the manga about it. So, fast forward to Friday we get a hold of the Japanese raws which sadly only went up to page fifteen, skim through those so we get a general idea and then when it's posted we go back and read the scanlation.

    For starters, when I first told her the spoilers the first thing I told her was "Karma and Nagisa got into a fight!" and then we proceeded to rant about that because as many of you know, Karma and Nagisa have good relationship. They get along really well despite being polar opposites and never have we actually seen them have a major disagreement so this came as a surprise and it left us kinda uneasy. I had had s…

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  • Gingalover

    Hello everyone ^^ I got a unique little theory for the show ^^ let me know what you think of it bellow please OUO (Warning to newcomers, this'll be spoiler filled so be aware of that as you read)

    First to catch up to speed :3. For those whom been reading the manga, there's a part in it known as "past time" where Korosensei tells of his past to the students of Class 3-E. While growing up, he pretty much became the worst assassin ever, and it simply states that "he was taken to a science facility". While there, he was dreadfully tested on by Shiro, ala Antimatter, until he escaped after transformation.

    Now with that in mind, there's also a facility known as the S.C.P foundation (probably would've guessed that huh?). The S.C.P foundation is a p…

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  • Halo1081

    Favorite Ships!

    May 22, 2015 by Halo1081

    Hello, everyone! Because ships are a popular topic in the comment section of almost every prominent character, why we take it to a blog and have some fun with it? I want everyone to post their favorite AssClass ships and why. Also what they like the most about those ships. And to mix it up, name a scenario you would love to see your favorite ship in!

    For example, my favorite ships are Karmagisa, MaeharaxIsogai, and KarasumaxIrina. The reason why is mainly because I'm a practical-type shipper; they have to make a lot of sense in the realistic light of the canon (as in the actual context) or else I won't ship it. Karma and Nagisa are really close and it's clear Nagisa holds a great deal of influence on Karma as well. Not to mention he's the m…

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  • Halo1081

    How is this expedition going for all of you because for me, it's just one big "Ohhhh, that makes sense" and "Well then." What are your thoughts on the current "Past Time" arc? Were some major questions answered? Were theories added? Tell me your thoughts!

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  • Nirocart

    Assassination classroom was recently renewed for a sencond season, everyone(who didn't know)! And also, a sequal for the Assassination Classroom movie is set to release in 2016 called Assassination Classroom: Graduation Edition. Here is the full article:

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  • Halo1081

    Chapter 128 and forward

    February 21, 2015 by Halo1081

    Okay so many of us are finding out about the major plot twist that takes place in Chapter 128 that'll most likely shift the story into a complete 180 until this "torrential storm" ends. I want to know what are your thoughts and what are your theories. In all honesty, this shocked me to the point of near tears. Plot twists like that one aren't necessarily my favorite, so I try to cushion the shock by reading in between the lines. I didn't read far enough this time, though and that was a one hell of a ride. Anyway, I've gathered up various other incredibly viable theories and have begun compiling them into various other theories based on my own observations and initial knowledge that sadly aren't ready to be shared.

    What about you? Do any of …

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  • Lelouch Di Britannia

    Wiki Features

    January 10, 2015 by Lelouch Di Britannia

    I wanted to discuss about two wiki features today, whether we should enable them or disable them. The two wiki features that I'm referring to are the Message Wall Feature and the Article Comments Feature.

    Pros: Article talk pages are usually always ignored. The only time messages ever get some form of notability is in the Recent Changes, then the discussion lay dormant forever, until someone else happens to stumble upon it by accident. Comments would make it easier to notice when a discussion is happening, and would make it easier for viewers who have noticed a problem with the article but don't know how to/want to change it. It may also make it easier to keep topical discussions on the pages it concerns. Article comments would make it easi…

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  • Halo1081

    New Wiki Wordmark

    January 8, 2015 by Halo1081

    So I've been working on a new wiki wordmark and so far I have the "draft" of the design. There's still a few things to work out, but I'd like to know your opinions and possibly some suggestions if you want to give some. It's currently doing a test run but in case it doesn't show up on your browser, here's the new design:

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  • Halo1081

    Attempting to Adopt

    January 3, 2015 by Halo1081

    Hi everyone, my name is Halo1081 and I just joined the wiki. I've been thinking about this, and decided I'd like to try adopting this wiki as there's a lot I can do here and I have experience in wiki management as an admin for two wiki. If anyone disagrees, please let me know. Other than that I hope we can all get along and if I get the rights, I'll do everything in my power to turn this into a top-notch wiki.

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  • Reinhard von Lohengramm

    Hello Everyone! I am Reinhard von Lohengramm and although I've just joined this wiki very recently, I am planning to actively edit and make drastic changes to this wiki. In order to this, I must first adopt this wiki. If you have an issue with me adopting the wiki, I hope we can reach an agreement. :)

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  • FanOfAniManga

    New Poll Created

    November 3, 2013 by FanOfAniManga

    Hey everyone!

    I've been away for quite awhile, having gotten increasingly busy with things in real life, but I've finally finished creating the new poll. For now, however, I've scrapped the poll for the series' most hated character indefinitely due to it being unadaptable with the story constantly introducing new characters over time. I might return with it in the future, should the storyline permit.

    Instead, I've decided to come up with a more simpler question: Who's your favorite class 3-E student?

    You can start voting in this poll now, but since there are many students included in this poll (a total of at least 26 in total), I'd like to point out a few things:

    1. Ordering: To avoid bias, I've ordered the students in terms of surname by order …

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  • FanOfAniManga

    Hello everyone!

    First off, if you haven't already, come visit my other recently posted blog post here and leave a comment to suggest or discourage any candidates on an upcoming poll for the most hated character in terms of personality. The tentative deadline for suggestions is July 31st. Thanks!

    Now, as some of you may know, the second VOMIC edition is currently being aired on the Japanese variety show Sakiyomi Jan Bang! in Japan. If any of you can catch it on TV, you can watch it now. If not, you might not think that there are actually new cast members to voice newly introduced characters, as bolded with the rest of the cast as follows:

    Korosensei: Masaya Onosaka
    Nagisa Shiota: Nozomi Yamamoto
    Tadaomi Karasuma: Kōsuke Toriumi
    Chairman Asano: Hideo …

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  • FanOfAniManga

    Hey everyone!

    I'm about to make a new poll asking everyone which character we all hate the most in terms of personality. However, I'm going to need a lot of suggestions from you readers as to which characters I should include or exclude from the list.

    I've come up with the following list of characters so far:

    • Korosensei (the octopus)
    • Karma Akabane (the class troublemaker)
    • Ryōma Terasaka (the class bully)
    • Irina Jelavic (the class bitch)
    • Gakuhō Asano (the diabolical chairman)
    • Akira Takaoka (the psychotic substitute teacher)
    • Kaho Tsuchiya and Seo (the dysfunctional couple)
    • Ryūki (the ruination sensei)

    Please let me know which characters you'd like to see on the list (or off the list) by July 31st. A BIG thanks to all of you!

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  • FanOfAniManga

    Wiki Renamed!

    February 28, 2013 by FanOfAniManga

    Hey guys!

    So as you may have known, I started a poll asking all of you, as a naming convention for the Wiki, whether we should keep referring to the name of the series as "Ansatsu Kyōshitsu", or change it "Assassination Classroom". With a vote of 23 to 6 over the past two weeks, readers are overwhelmingly in favour of changing the name to "Assassination Classroom". So I'll be accommodating this change.

    What does this mean? It means that there will be certain changes to come around the Wiki. You can refer to the two lists as follows:

    • The URL of the Wiki will be retained as to allow international Wikis to share a common, universal URL.
    • The URLs and will remain avai…

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  • BlueExorcistForever

    Need any help?

    December 8, 2012 by BlueExorcistForever

    Hello. I have written on here before, but basically i'm a passionate fan of Ansastu kyoshitsu and if you would like, i could run the Nagisa page for you? Nagisa is a character that will frequently need updating and even though i am busy, i can find time to do that :D

    Thanks for reading and you're doing a great job on the wikia so far!

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  • BlueExorcistForever

    Hello people!

    I have created a fanpage for this great series! Check it out, like it, and you can admin it with me if you'd like to!

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