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Division Time
Japanese Title 分裂の時間
Bunretsu no jikan
Volume 17
Chapter 143
Pages 22
Previous Chapter Chapter 142
Hesitation Time
Next Chapter Chapter 144
Killers' Time

Division Time (分裂の時間, Bunretsu no jikan) is chapter 143 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short summary[]

After hearing Korosensei's past some students, including Nagisa begin to have a problem seeing their teacher as a target. Nagisa proposed to save Korosensei which gained much approval, but Nakamura and Terasaka's group oppose the idea, justifying their response by stating that even if they were to try and save Korosensei, their knowledge was still limited and their assassination skills would be all for naught. Karma arrives to back them up, and argues that Nagisa, being the best assassin is making those who put hard effort in their assassinations useless and then adds that without bloodlust, there would be no "assassination classroom". Once Nagisa looks at Karma with bloodlust in his eyes, Karma was further provoked and goaded Nagisa into a fight, which resulted in the latter performing a flying triangle choke on Karma. Isogai, Maehara and Sugino promptly separated the two students from continuing the fight any longer.

Korosensei, after witnessing the confrontation and not wishing to have his beloved class split any further announces that the class will be settling their dispute with a paintball game, where the winning faction would decide his fate. He adds that he would like the class to make a decision united, rather than divided. Students are split into two teams:

  1. the Blue Team that wishes to save Korosensei
  2. the Red Team that desires to assassinate Korosensei

With that, the civil war between Class 3-E began.

Long summary[]

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