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Killers' Time
Japanese Title 分裂の時間
Koroshiya-tachi no jikan
Volume 17
Chapter 144
Pages 22
Previous Chapter Chapter 143
Division Time
Next Chapter Chapter 145
Claw Time

Killers' Time (過去の時間, Koroshiya-tachi no jikan) is chapter 144 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short summary[]

After the idea of a paintball war was proposed to settle whether the class should save Korosensei or not, the class divided themselves into two teams; the red (kill) team and the blue (save) team.

Blue Team Red Team
Yuma Isogai Karma Akabane
Nagisa Shiota Rio Nakamura
Kaede Kayano Ryoma Terasaka
Kotaro Takebayashi Itona Horibe
Megu Kataoka Kirara Hazama
Manami Okuda Ryunosuke Chiba
Toka Yada Rinka Hayami
Hiroto Maehara Taisei Yoshida
Hinano Kurahashi Sosuke Sugaya
Yukiko Kanzaki Masayoshi Kimura
Sumire Hara Takuya Muramatsu
Tomohito Sugino Koki Mimura
Yuzuki Fuwa Hinata Okano
N/A Taiga Okajima

After seeing Nagisa and Karma turn their backs to each other, Kayano notes that even though they have been friends since the first year of middle school, they still acted as though they were acquaintances, always adding "-kun" to the ends of their names when addressing each other.

As the beginning of the civil war approached, Maehara and Isogai noted that the red team had more boys, and more students with special combat abilities. Isogai, thinking that Nagisa was lacking in such abilities, tells him he should make his moves freely on his own.

Once the war began, in an instant, Takebayashi and Kataoka were sniped and therefore eliminated by Hayami and Chiba. However, once Okajima met up with the latter, Kanzaki ambushed and eliminated them both.

Long Summary[]

Immediately after the decision to decide Korosensei's fate via paintball war, the students started choosing between the red (kill) faction and blue (save) faction. Ritsu, Irina and Karasuma declared neutrality.

Some of the students' choices and motives are listed below:

  • Chiba and Hayami join the red team out of their desire to find the sure-fire hit that would kill Korosensei.
  • Kayano joins the blue team because she regrets trying to kill him and therefore wants to spend more time with him.
  • Okuda and Takebayashi join the blue team, believing the power of science allowed the possibility of saving their teacher.
  • Sugaya, Okajima and Mimura join the red team, desiring to show Korosensei their masterpiece before he runs out of time.
  • Kimura joins the red team wishing to become as assassin worthy of his name (justice).
  • Kanzaki joins the blue team wanting to forever keep asking Korosensei for advice.
  • Hazama joins the red team, not wanting to debate between saving the world or Korosensei.
  • Yada joins the blue team, wanting to be honest with her feelings.
  • Isogai and Maehara join the blue team merely because they want to save Korosensei.
  • Itona joins red team, reasoning that as a result of his desire to kill him, he was able to join and get to know Class 3-E.
  • Okano joins the red team also wanting to be honest with her feelings.

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