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Time for a Fierce Battle
Japanese Title 激戦の時間
Gekisen no jikan
Volume 17
Chapter 146
Pages 21
Previous Chapter Chapter 145
Claw Time
Next Chapter Chapter 147
Stage Time

Time for a Fierce Battle (激戦の時間, Gekisen no jikan) is chapter 146 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Results from the previous chapter:

Blue Team Red Team
Yuma Isogai Karma Akabane
Nagisa Shiota Rio Nakamura
Kaede Kayano Ryoma Terasaka
Kotaro Takebayashi Itona Horibe
Megu Kataoka Kirara Hazama
Manami Okuda Ryunosuke Chiba
Toka Yada Rinka Hayami
Hiroto Maehara Taisei Yoshida
Hinano Kurahashi Sosuke Sugaya
Yukiko Kanzaki Masayoshi Kimura
Sumire Hara Takuya Muramatsu
Tomohito Sugino Koki Mimura
Yuzuki Fuwa Hinata Okano
Taiga Okajima

Nakamura reveals to Karma that she planned to charge into blue territory by using Terasaka, Yoshida and Muramatsu as human shields, as well as pointing out that was Karma's only use for them. At the same time on the blue team, Okuda managed to spot Mimura's recon location and the latter was promptly shot by Isogai. Hara, focused on resetting her earlier trap is sniped by Hayami.

Itona, who was at Hayami's location, was testing out his combat drone until he deemed it too difficult to pilot. Hayami fired a shot at an exposed Maehara, which barely missed. However, she had already figured out the location of the other blue team members and continued firing, which forced the blue team members to remain stationary. Hayami was then given orders to slow them down or eliminate them so that Nakamura's party could take advantage of the weakened defense and take the blue flag. After Nakamura detailed the plan to take the flag by using the rest of her party as human shields, Terasaka commented on how she was the most serious person in the class, in stark contrast to her usual behavior.

Isogai then commands the remaining blue members to abandon defense and charge toward Hayami, which prompted Nakamura's group to move in for the flag. Okuda is swiftly eliminated in the hail of paintballs, quickly followed by Isogai. Yada then makes a gamble with her shot, and manages to finally hit Hayami, before getting barraged by Itona. Maehara slashes Itona with his knife, and planned to eliminate Karma next.

Unfortunately for the red team's assault, Nagisa ambushes Nakamura's gang and eliminates all four of them at once. A shocked Karma then deduces that Nagisa was hiding behind Karasuma the entire time, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. From behind, Maehara attempts to eliminate Karma, but is quickly stabbed before he could make an attack. With only Nagisa and Karma remaining, the latter readies himself for a one on one match.

Long Summary[]

Characters in order of appearance[]


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