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Stage Time
Japanese Title 舞台の時間
Butai no Jikan
Volume Volume 17
Division Time
Chapter 147
Pages 23
Previous Chapter Chapter 146
Time for a Fierce Battle
Next Chapter Chapter 148
Procedure Time

Stage Time (舞台の時間 Butai no Jikan) is the one hundred and forty-seventh chapet of the Assassination Classroom manga

Short Summary[]

Results from the previous chapter:

Blue Team Red Team
Nagisa Shiota Karma Akabane
Yuma Isogai Rio Nakamura
Kaede Kayano Ryoma Terasaka
Kotaro Takebayashi Itona Horibe
Meg Kataoka Kirara Hazama
Manami Okuda Ryunosuke Chiba
Toka Yada Rinka Hayami
Hiroto Maehara Taisei Yoshida
Hinano Kurahashi Sosuke Sugaya
Yukiko Kanzaki Masayoshi Kimura
Sumire Hara Takuya Muramatsu
Tomohito Sugino Koki Mimura
Yuzuki Fuwa Hinata Okano
Taiga Okajima

After witnessing Nagisa's impressive ambush, Karasuma remarked on how Nagisa has a natural gift for assassination. Korosensei comments that although Karma was superior to Nagisa in terms of grades, the latter would be his greatest challenge.

Karma then attempts to goad Nagisa, who was hiding in the bushes with Karma in his crosshairs into ending the war by melee combat. Nagisa realizes that if he were to reject this challenge and shoot him, the red team would not accept the conclusion. With no other choice, Nagisa comes out from the bushes and accepts his challenge, which prompted the students to view the fight from a closer position.

As Maehara speculates Nagisa's unpredictable behavior would win him the fight, Okuda, despite being on the blue team loudly proclaimed that she wanted Karma to win, as she witnessed how much effort Karma has put in. Terasaka then commented on the hidden nature of people in the class, and that he would have no problem with whoever wins the fight.

Nagisa and Karma begin to experience flashbacks of them spending time with each other. Karma remarks on how Nagisa had something unnatural he wanted to destroy, thinking back to a time where Nagisa completely caught him by surprise when he poked his back, contrary to his assumption that Nagisa was "a harmless little mouse". As a result of that event, Karma began avoiding Nagisa, which led the latter to believe Karma got bored of him. They then both think to themselves that they were stars on the same stage of assassination, and both of them asserted in their minds that they were going to defeat the other.

As the two combatants paced toward the other, Korosensei thinks to himself that their desire for victory was greater than him and that their own answers lied in the battle to come.

Long Summary[]

Characters in order of appearance[]


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