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Procedure Time
Japanese Title 過程の時間
Katei no jikan
Volume 17
Chapter 148
Pages 18
Previous Chapter Chapter 147
Stage Time
Next Chapter Chapter 149
Time for the Results

Procedure Time (過程の時間, Katei no jikan) is chapter 148 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Blue Team Red Team
Nagisa Shiota Karma Akabane

As melee combat begins between Karma and Nagisa, the former declares he wants to kill Korosensei, to which Nagisa retorts that he wants to save him, and is then kicked backward. Seeing that Nagisa has an extra knife, Korosensei narrates that Nagisa is ready to use the nekodamashi on him, but is unable to find the right moment to use it. The pair repeatedly try to slash the other. Nagisa dodges a downward stab, and taking advantage of the fact that Karma's knife was in the ground, he kicks it away. However, once Nagisa leaped toward Karma to land a slash, Karma headbutted his forehead, disarming Nagisa. Before Nagisa could draw his second knife, Karma strikes his face with his elbow and repeatedly knees him in the stomach, stating that he would knock him down and then calmly deliver the final blow.

As Nagisa continually lands ineffective blows on Karma, the spectating class comments that Karma was taking the hits on purpose. Korosensei remarks on Karma being a combat assassin who relishes the process of assassination, and how Nagisa was a pure assassin who continually searches for the final victory-awarding attack.

Karma then lands an axe kick, seemingly incapacitating Nagisa. However, before Karma could carry out the final blow, Nagisa uses the nekodamashi on Karma, who bit his tongue to avoid getting stunned. As Nagisa pulls out his second knife and lunges toward him, Karma declares in his mind that he would destroy Nagisa and win the fight.

Long Summary[]

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