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Independent Research Time
Japanese Title 自由研究の時間
Jiyukenkyū no jikan
Volume 17
Chapter 150
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 149
Time for the Results
Next Chapter Chapter 151
Velocity Time

Independent Research Time (自由研究の時間, Jiyukenkyū no jikan) is chapter 150 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Takebayashi speculates the government is working on a way to save Korosensei along with killing him, as their primary goal was just to save Earth. Ritsu hacks into the government's project database (much to Karasuma's shock), but is unable to find the core research they require. Fuwa manages to find a sample of said research, which revealed that its corresponding experiments took place at the International Space Station. However, when Kimura asks if they would be able to study the data, Karasuma states even if the results from the experiment were gathered, they would be used as a bargaining chip, and thus inaccessible by the class before the end of the month. Korosensei then asks Karasuma to excuse him and the class for a moment.

While Korosensei and the class were alone, the former proposes that the class would sneak into the launch of a reusable rocket to get the data from the ISS manually, much to the surprise of the class. As a result, the class begins infiltrating Japan's launch pad.

Long Summary[]

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