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Velocity Time
Japanese Title 速度の時間
Sokudo no jikan
Volume 17
Chapter 151
Pages 22
Previous Chapter Chapter 149
Time for the Results
Next Chapter Chapter 151
Outer Space Time

Velocity Time (速度の時間, Sokudo no jikan) is chapter 151 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

To help make way for the infiltration of the Japan's Mission Control, Yada and Kurahashi distract the authorities, allowing Kimura to install Ritsu in one of the station's computers, subsequently allowing Ritsu to disable security around the rocket. The rest of the class easily sneak past security personnel and climb up a long flight of stairs to the top of the launch tower. Itona Horibe nominates Karma and Nagisa to replace the crash dummies on board the rocket, which they gladly accept.

A short moment after the rocket launches, Korosensei latches on to the rocket, and tells them to focus on enjoying the trip to space and not to worry too much about him. Nagisa replies that although they were grateful for allowing them many opportunities for learning, Korosensei's life mattered more than an education, which he happily acknowledged. Korosensei loses his grip on the ascending rocket, and remarks on its incredible speed.

Long Summary[]

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