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Outer Space Time
Japanese Title 宇宙の時間br>Uchū no jikan
Volume 18
Chapter 152
Pages 18
Previous Chapter Chapter 151
Velocity Time
Next Chapter Chapter 153
Final Resolve Time

Outer Space Time (宇宙の時間, Uchū no jikan) is chapter 152 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Once the rocket docked onto the International Space Station to retrieve data that could save Korosensei, Nagisa and Karma threaten the researchers into talking with them with an alleged bomb, much to the surprise of everyone else on board. After explaining their motives behind storming the ISS, the astronauts however, lose all sense of fear after retorting that anything in the station could potentially explode, but then propose they negotiate peacefully.

One astronaut questions how much the two value their lives, since they traveled in an untested rocket. Karma replies that in their class, they have to be prepared risk their lives for a cause greater than themselves, in this case, saving Korosensei. The captain acknowledges their values, he grants them access to the data, but not before he lets them spend some time in the station for fun. After copying the data via Ritsu and revealing the "bomb" was a red bean cake, the pair get back in the rocket and enter Earth's atmosphere. As they go into reentry, Ritsu expresses the joy she has felt since joining Class 3-E.

Long Summary[]

Characters in order of appearance[]

  1. Unknown astronaut 1
  2. Mizui
  3. Unknown astronaut 2
  4. Nagisa Shiota
  5. Karma Akabane
  6. Ritsu
  7. Unknown astronaut 3
  8. Unknown astronaut 4
  9. Hinano Kurahashi
  10. Kaede Kayano
  11. Ryōma Terasaka
  12. Yuma Isogai
  13. Korosensei
  14. Taiga Okajima


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