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Outer Space Time
Japanese Title 覚悟の時間
Kakugo no jikan
Volume 18
Chapter 153
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 152
Outer Space Time
Next Chapter Chapter 154
Winter Break Time

Final Resolve Time (覚悟の時間, Kakugo no jikan) is chapter 152 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

As the rocket carrying Karma and Nagisa dives down back to Earth, Korosensei congratulates them for their good work, while untangling the built in parachute. The rocket finally lands in the pool in front of the class, and they celebrate. Karasuma, however was visibly angry, thinking about the trouble that would occur with the Japanese government; until Korosensei pointed out that he was kept in the dark, so therefore Karasuma would not be held responsible. The teacher also added that data gathered from humans in the experimental ship rather than test dummies and Ritsu discovering a more efficient route to space was well worth the trouble they went through.

After that, the class gathered around Ritsu to read the data and Okuda volunteers to summarize the results. They find out that the purpose of the astronauts in the ISS was to find a way to prevent Korosensei from exploding, testing various types of antimatter creatures and sending them into space to safely explode. The astronauts were eventually able to discover that the risk of explosion was increased the smaller the organism was and when its cells are divided by force. Since Korosensei is the original host of the antimatter cells, these conditions did not apply and the risk of him exploding was considerably low. To further lower the risk, all one needed to do was inject a solution into his body, reducing the chance of exploding to less than one percent, astonishing the rest of the class. When asked if creating the solution was possible, Okuda replied that she was able to create something identical before, referring to when she liquefied Korosensei. Class 3-E promptly celebrates that their teacher wouldn't explode in March.

However, Karasuma tells them that the research has to be verified and that the government still wants Korosensei assassinated. As a result, the class decides until the government ceases the assassination order, the class will keep attempting to kill him until March.

Long Summary[]

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