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Super Teacher Time
Japanese Title 超先生の時間
Chō sensei no jikan
Volume 18
Chapter 155
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 154
Winter Break Time
Next Chapter Chapter 156
Seven-Three Time

Super Teacher Time (超先生の時間, Chō sensei no jikan) is chapter 155 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Korosensei reveals that he had been making the class think more about their exams over the break by whispering words in their ears and then dashing away before they could notice, much to the class's displeasure. The class is then each handed a personalized practice exam, and then reassured that passing the real exam would be far easier than killing him.

Outside, the class talks about the high schools they want to enroll in. Surprisingly, Karma seeks to stay at Kunugigaoka as a way to get back at the students who looked down upon him, and to further compete with Gakushū Asano.

Later, while tutoring Sakura, Nagisa is uncertain about his future after college. After disclosing his dilemma to Sakura, she inquires if he would be anything else besides a teacher. At that moment, Nagisa discovers that he had been admiring Korosensei as a teacher; much like how the God of Death admired the assassin who killed his father.

Before entering the exam center, he is cheered on by Korosensei and his clones. Nagisa decides that he would make up his mind on a career once exams were over.

Long Summary[]

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