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Seven-Three Time
Japanese Title 七三の時間
Shichi-san no jikan
Volume 18
Chapter 156
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 155
Super Teacher Time
Next Chapter Chapter 157
Enemy Time

Seven-Three Time (七三の時間, Shichi-san no jikan) is chapter 156 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

The results from Nagisa's exam show that he only made it on the waiting list for his high school. A pair of Class D students show up to taunt him, but are quickly scared off by Karma, who aced his exam.

Unfortunately, Takebayashi fails his entrance exam and laments over choosing the wrong answers. In an effort to lighten his mood, Korosensei forbids anyone from choosing negative words (such as lose, fall, trip, etc.) with the threat of giving the violator a 7:3 ratio side part hairdo. One by one, the class gets the humiliating hairstyle from accidentally letting out a negative word (even the words "ronin" and "snow"), until the entire class receives it for commenting on how a joke from Korosensei did very poorly.

Unfortunately for Korosensei, Takebayashi is visibly livid from hearing the negative terms and the rest of the class is infuriated, accusing Korosensei of wanting to play a game with them. As he avoids their attempts to shoot him, he reminds Takebayashi that he still has other options which will carry him toward his career, which successfully shakes off Takebayashi's glum emotions. Once everyone is exhausted, Korosensei further states that Nagisa will make it past the waiting list, as his high school is mostly designated as a second choice by students.

Irina enters the classroom and verbally expresses her disgust from the slippery floor and the class's hairstyles. Unfortunately for her, she incorporated negative words into her dialogue, triggering the whole class to attack her.

Long Summary[]

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