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Valentine's Time
Japanese Title バレンタインの時間
Barentein no jikan
Volume 18
Chapter 158
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 157
Enemy Time
Next Chapter Chapter 159
Valentine's Time (2nd Period)

Valentine's Time (バレンタインの時間, Barentein no jikan) is chapter 158 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Shortly on the end of class, Okano invites Maehara to walk home with her, which he accepts. Noticing Korosensei snooping on them, he invites Okano to head to karaoke with him. However, upon discovering she was merely used to set up Korosensei to be ambushed (which failed), she kicks Maehara with both feet and storms off infuriated. Korosensei lectures that this is the result of a lack of communication, and subsequently assigns him to win Okano back and receive chocolates from her; or get the title of "playboy" written on his report card.

The following day, the class observes Maehara's unsuccessful attempts to get Okano to hand him chocolate. When Kataoka asks Korosensei to bail him out, the latter replies that a true assassin is a master of many subjects, including treatment of the opposite sex.

Lunch break arrives and Okano is still unwilling to forgive him. As a last resort, Maehara lists a number of (demeaning) qualities he has learned about her. Furious once more, Okano roundhouse kicks her anti-sensei knife to his face. To her surprise, the knife was swapped out with a chocolate counterpart. Maehara comments that he knows her very well, and continues to list more qualities. Although not angry anymore, she still kicks him out of embarrassment.

Kayano, sitting at her desk, briefly takes out gift-wrapped chocolate, which Nakamura and Karma notice. The two begin to tease Kayano about who she wants to give it to, much to her discomfort.

Long Summary[]

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