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Valentine's Time, After School
Japanese Title バレンタインの時間・放課後
Barentein no jikan, hōkago
Volume 18
Chapter 160
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 159
Valentine's Time (2nd Period)
Next Chapter Chapter 161
Pride Time
Characters Craig Hojo

Valentine's Time, After School (バレンタインの時間・放課後, Barentein no jikan, hōkago) is chapter 160 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Irina and Karasuma are dining in a private room reserved by the former. After Irina admits she is skeptical of Korosensei being saved that easily, Karasuma deduces the reason she invited him into the private room was in order to discuss what the government was planning, to which he merely stated a massive assassination project was in development.

At the same time in a large building, government officials admire said gargantuan weapon, fully believing it to be capable of killing Korosensei. Concerned with the efficiency of the assassination attempt, a man named Hojo is summoned to be informed of the details.

Meanwhile, at the Class 3-E campus, Principal Asano slashes at Korosensei, who was admiring a picture of Aguri Yukimura and docks his salary. Upon noticing the late teacher in the photo, Asano commented on her passion and capabilities as a teacher. With the knowledge that Korosensei had a very low chance of exploding, he asks Korosensei if he would continue to teach the following year. Korosensei softly turned down the offer, but adds one of the reasons for teaching was because Asano was a challenging rival. As a thought, the principal suggested that the ideal educational system would have him ruling the top students, while teachers like Korosensei would help the underachievers.

Later that night, Irina admits she would prefer the world exploding over the government assassination or a freelance assassination, so that they don't experience a tremendous sense of failure and trauma. Karasuma suggests that she quit her job as an assassin, reasoning that she has grown to compassionate - Irina pulls out a gun, but is immediately disarmed. To make amends for her violent past, Karasuma offers her a job at the Ministry of Defense and (indirectly) asks her to live with him, the latter greatly flustering Irina.

Long Summary[]

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