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Pride Time
Japanese Title プライドの時間
Puraido no jikan
Volume 19
Chapter 161
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 160
Valentine's Time, After School
Next Chapter Chapter 162
A Time for Memories

Pride Time (プライドの時間, Puraido no jikan) is chapter 161 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short Summary[]

Karma bumps into a pair of men, subsequently provoking them. Before Karma could fight them, Korosensei instantly shows up to apologize and grovel to the two men, disarming the potential conflict. The tentacled teacher uses this as an example for Karma not to start unnecessary confrontations that get in the way of his best interests.

Later, he finds a group of thugs harassing Tōka Yada and goes to confront them, but soon realizes they harbored a considerable amount of strength, just one of them surpassing the likes of Akira Takaoka and a man behind them appearing to be stronger than Karasuma. Remembering the earlier lesson Korosensei had taught him, Karma formally apologizes to the thugs. Humored by the sudden apology, the thugs let Yada go and stroll off. Once away from the students, the thugs comment on their impressive physical strength, but state that they could kill them all in around 20 seconds. Houjou nevertheless remarks on Karma'a ability to control himself.

Meanwhile, Nagisa and Yada thank Karma for holding back, but the latter wonders if he would get anything back from humbling himself. At that moment, they notice Itona tearfully reuniting with his father. Karma then figures this would be enough as a reward.

Long Summary[]

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