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Decision Time
Japanese Title 確定の時間
Kakutei no jikan
Volume 19
Chapter 163
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 162
A Time for Memories
Next Chapter Chapter 164
Confusion Time

Decision Time (確定の時間, Kakutei no jikan) is chapter 163 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

As a result of travelling the world to take pictures in a quick succession, both the class and Korosensei were completely exhausted and out of breath. Nagisa remarks to himself on how he gradually started viewing Korosensei as less of a target and more of a passionate teacher.

While tutoring Sakura, Nagisa, using his ability to read others, notices her sudden agitation upon realizing she would once more face the risk of bullying once she goes back to school. He places two fingers on her neck and assures her things would be fine, and beams upon seeing her encouraged face. Finally, at career counselling, Nagisa tells Korosensei that he would like to be a teacher like him. Korosensei greatly approves of his choice and tells Nagisa to keep making use of his youth while he can. Karasuma and Korosensei have a brief discussion about the yearbook that ends with the former telling Korosensei to make a yearbook that was educational. After making his way outside, Karasuma tells his superiors that Korosensei is alone, prompting them to fire a laser from their new satellite weapon on the campus.

Long Summary[]

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