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Confusion Time
Chapter 164
Japanese Title 混乱の時間
Konran no jikan
Volume 19
Chapter 164
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 163
Decision Time
Next Chapter Chapter 165
Perfect Argument Time

Confusion Time (混乱の時間, Konran no jikan) is chapter 164 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

The government higher-ups rejoice in the fact that the Spear of Heaven managed to land a direct hit on the Class 3-E campus. However, this is short-lived, as Korosensei managed to escape with only a few injuries to his tentacles. Before he could escape any further though, the government promptly activated a large anti-tentacle dome around the top of the hill to keep him confined.

Horrified at what just happened, the entirety of Class 3-E prepared to head to the old campus, but receive a message from Karasuma to remain at home. Nevertheless, the class meets up and finds out all power and wireless connection to the old campus was cut, and that an evacuation order was sent to anyone nearby.

The prime minister of Japan then delivered a joint message from the world's leaders, explaining that the purpose behind the large dome and the massive laser were part of an effort to destroy the being who destroyed the moon. The message then goes on to further incriminate Korosensei of exploiting Class 3-E as hostages, threatening the government and using a false identity as a teacher to use the building as a hideout; this manages to make the public believe Korosensei was nothing other than malevolent. The lead higher-up then orders Craig Hojo to guard the site from Class 3-E, who were already rushing toward the location.

Long Summary[]

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