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Perfect Argument Time
Chapter 165
Japanese Title 正論の時間
Seiron no jikan
Volume 19
Chapter 165
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 164
Decision Time
Next Chapter Chapter 166
Perplexity Time

Perfect Argument Time (正論の時間, Seiron no jikan) is chapter 165 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

Before the students could attempt to reach the school, they are blocked by a line of soldiers until Karasuma orders them to let go. The latter then goes to explain they were kept in the dark to prevent information from being leaked and that they had to stay away from the school to avoid being taken hostage. Confused, the students turn around to find out that the media was listening behind them, and find themselves barraged by a series of questions about the alleged villainous nature of Korosensei. Realizing they would not be convinced otherwise, they run off and regroup elsewhere. Isogai then suggested they do some recon around the giant energy dome before doing anything else. At the same time, Korosensei discovered the dome extended underground and found himself unable to come up with any other means to escape. Additionally, the lead government official discovers the students' recon mission, prompting Craig Hojo to act.

The students discovered that the mountain's perimeter was surrounded by numerous guards and thus planned to force their way in. In an instant, everyone is captured by Hojo and the rest of the Wolfgang and are relocated to the government's base of operations. There, the lead government official explained the class will be kept within the facility until the assassination is complete. Sumire Hara told him chances of Korosensei exploding were less than one percent, but the man responded that any number more than zero was too much to bet on for the likes of the public. He then goes on to add that his high kill count as an assassin had made his death well deserved; he was then kicked by an enraged Terasaka, who deemed him unfit to judge the octopus. Hojo proclaimed they had all been brainwashed by the octopus, and ordered the Wolfgang to take them away before leaving.

Long Summary[]

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