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Perplexity Time
Chapter 166
Japanese Title 正論の時間
Seiron no jikan
Volume 19
Chapter 166
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 165
Perfect Argument Time
Next Chapter Chapter 167
Trust Time

Perplexity Time (正論の時間, Seiron no jikan) is chapter 166 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

After making his way toward the commander, Karasuma demanded him to explain why Class 3-E was being detained. Hojo, whose presence intimidated Karasuma, responded that they were a threat to the mission's success, and went off for the mountain.

Meanwhile, at a press conference in the Kunugigaoka Junior High School main building, Chairman Asano was bombarded with numerous questions about how he allowed a monster into school grounds. Asano was about to shift the blame elsewhere, but upon looking at the pin given to him in his early days, he simply labelled the octopus as a skilled teacher. Despite using his charisma to change the opinions of a few reporters, Asano regarded that as a drop in the bucket and figured Korosensei's final assassin would be all of mankind.

While the class watched in disgust as individuals on the news gave their sympathies about the students' alleged torture, Karasuma entered the room, prompting Nagisa to ask for the class's release. The former denied his request, explaining they should have waited five more days for security to cool down, and that Hojo and his unit were guarding the mountain. Nagisa attempting to reason with him, only to be thrown to the ground before being told not to give him any trouble. Once Karasuma left, Nagisa deduced that he was subtly giving them information to work with, thus giving them his trust.

The chapter ends at the Kunugigaoka old campus, where Korosensei was happily working on the class yearbook.

Long Summary[]

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