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Time to Bloom
Japanese Title 開花の時間
Kaika no jikan
Volume 19
Chapter 168
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 167
Trust Time
Next Chapter Chapter 169
School Attendance Time

Time to Bloom (開花の時間, Kaika no jikan) is chapter 168 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

Back at the command center, Karasuma requested the commander to allow him to supervise Korosensei if the students were to get past security, to which the commander confidently boasted that the students would never get past the sheer number of troops in the mountain. Nevertheless, the commander granted Karasuma permission to enter.

Meanwhile, at the mountain, Class 3-E's assault proved to be effective; a fleeing Wolfpack member was incapacitated by Isogai and Maehara and was subsequently subjected to torture by Karma. Hayami and Chiba tranquilized a few soldiers with their snipers, and with the help of Ritsu inside Itona's autonomous battle drone, Terasaka, Itona, Okuda and Muramatsu threw smoke bombs at an enemy sniper and rendered them unconscious. As their assault continued, Karasuma remarked that the class knew the terrain better than the military, and thus had the advantage. He then went on to add that since the stakes were higher for the students, they were more motivated. Eventually, nearly every soldier found themselves either trapped or incapacitated.

However, before the class was able to reach their destination, they found themselves face to face with Craig Hojo.

Long Summary[]

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