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School Attendance Time
Japanese Title 登校の時間
Tōkō no jikan
Volume 19
Chapter 169
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 168
Time to Bloom
Next Chapter Chapter 170
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School Attendance Time (登校の時間, Tōkō no jikan) is chapter 169 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

Before Craig Hojo engaged combat with Class 3-E, he reminisced about how taking off his glasses was how he got into "battle mode". After he caught two darts shot by Hayami and Chiba and quickly moved his hand to take off his glasses; at that moment, the students made their move. Karma was knocked away after he failed to stun Hojo, but everyone else quickly each made an attack and ran, effectively preventing Hojo from making any attacks. Eventually, Ritsu (inside Itona's battle drone) landed a dart into Hojo's neck, which distracted him long enough for Nagisa to use the Stun Clap on him and Karma to deliver an axe kick to Hojo's face. The pair take a moment to celebrate, but are soon berated by the rest of the class after they had to restrain Hojo, who in fact was still moving.

After finally making it past the barrier, the class happily reunited with Korosensei, permitting Karasuma and Irina to enter the barrier as well. However, nobody noticed that the barrier opened and closed for a split second, allowing The Reaper and Yanagisawa to enter. There were now only ninety minutes left to assassinate Korosensei and until the Spear of Heaven fires its laser.

Long Summary[]

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