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Next Generation Time
Japanese Title 次世代の時間
Jisedai no jikan
Volume 20
Chapter 170
Pages 21
Previous Chapter Chapter 169
School Attendance Time
Next Chapter Chapter 171
Final Boss Time

Next Generation Time (次世代の時間, Jisedai no jikan) is chapter 170 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

As the light from the laser intensified, Kurahashi suggested Korosensei that he take Class 3-E hostage, but the former told her that would not be enough to stop the laser from firing and went on to praise how the world managed to find a way to beat him. Yada glumly questioned if their work was all for naught, to which Korosensei responded otherwise; he commended the class for using all of their skills to visit him. After Terasaka, Hazama, Muramatsu and Yoshida expressed their frustration, Korosensei lectured that there will be people who would get in the way of what they want, and advised them to adapt to such situations and finished his lecture by voicing his appreciation of how much the class cared for him. Nakamura then handed him a cake as a gift, as it was currently his given birthday.

However, before Korosensei could even blow out the candle, the cake is instantly destroyed, prompting everyone to turn their heads to see Yanagisawa and a hooded individual on the old campus roof. Yanagisawa then introduced the hooded man as The Reaper, who took off his mask to transform into a monstrous creature composed of tentacles. The newly transformed Reaper stood behind Yanagisawa, who declared that the former would be the "new Korosensei".

Long Summary[]

Characters in order of appearance[]


  • As a tankobon extra, the transformed Reaper replaces Korosensei on a fake cover. A joke comment by Yūsei Matsui states that he would be using the "new Korosensei" from this volume on, and that the unemployed predecessor would be handing out free covers of the "previous Korosensei".


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