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Final Boss Time
Japanese Title ラスボスの時間
Rasubosu no jikan
Volume 20
Chapter 171
Pages 18
Previous Chapter Chapter 170
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Next Chapter Chapter 172
Students' Time

Final Boss Time (ラスボスの時間, Rasubosu no jikan) is chapter 171 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

The newly transformed Reaper glared at Korosensei, which made Yoshida comment that his whole body became as grotesque as his face. Yanagisawa explained that he made the same modifications to the Reaper as he did to Korosensei; the difference being that the former was willing to accept the modifications. The Reaper then lashed out his tentacled arms to send Korosensei and the class flying onto the ground. As the Reaper continued his assault on Korosensei, Yanagisawa went on to explain that the initial speed of the Reaper's tentacles was Mach 2 and that his maximum speed was Mach 40. He went on to add that like Korosensei, he had immediately mastered the usage of the tentacles and that unlike Korosensei, the Reaper's tentacles were not designed for long-term usage; although reducing his life span to three months and essentially making him disposable, in turn no maintenance was required and he did not carry a risk of exploding. Yanagisawa cackled with laughter, declaring the Reaper as a perfect weapon.

As a retort, Kayano called out Yanagisawa for being a coward who watched from a safe distance. Yanagisawa injected himself a modified version of the tentacles as a response; these tentacles allowed him to remain human but still grant him power. Now augmented with the tentacles, he proclaimed that he would kill Korosensei even at the cost of his life. Although immobilized by Yanagisawa's prosthetic eye but still managing to block an attack from the Reaper, Korosensei told the class that even assassins who try to avoid combat will face a situation where they will have to use all of their skills during a fight; in his case, that situation had arrived.

Long Summary[]

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