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Students' Time
Japanese Title 生徒の時間
Seito no jikan
Volume 20
Chapter 172
Pages 22
Previous Chapter Chapter 171
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Next Chapter Chapter 173
My Students Time

Students' Time (生徒の時間, Seito no jikan) is chapter 172 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

The fight between Korosensei and the Reaper intensified; a sonic boom was created every time they collided. Although the two were fighting at an incredible pace, Nagisa saw that Korosensei was losing. As Yanagisawa assisted the Reaper with his assault, he giddily declared themselves superior to Korosensei in every way; Irina practically felt their lust for vengeance.

Just as the class began to see themselves as nothing more than a liability, Korosensei started dodging and blocking the Reaper's attacks. Yanagisawa attempted to immobilize him with the light his prosthetic eye, but was stopped when Korosensei sent up dirt to block it. After the three momentarily ceased combat, Korosensei ordered Yanagisawa to leave; the classroom was a place for learning and he had no place here. Deciding to exploit his role as a teacher who protected his students, Yanagisawa directed the Reaper to kill the class, forcing Korosensei to take the full brunt of his attack.

Long Summary[]

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