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Facial Expressions Time
Japanese Title 顔色の時間
Kaoiro no jikan
Volume 20
Chapter 174
Pages 17
Previous Chapter Chapter 173
My Students Time
Next Chapter Chapter 175
Lost Time

Facial Expressions Time (顔色の時間, Kaoiro no jikan) is chapter 174 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

In the wake of Kayano's apparent demise, Korosensei's tentacles turned pitch-black as his rage reached its limit. Yanagisawa proclaimed he was delighted to see Korosensei's true nature and that anger would fall to Reaper 2.0. Declaring this would be the final attack, Yanagisawa injected Reaper 2.0 with more tentacle cells, which powered him up to unleash a volley of tentacles at Korosensei. Just then, everyone was surprised to see that Korosensei blocked the attack with a bright white energy; at the same time, his tentacles and face rapidly changed between various emotions and colors. Korosensei wished his former student a peaceful graduation, before unleashing an overwhelming wave of energy at the Reaper and Yanagisawa.

As Yanagisawa was flying into the air, he became horrified to see that he was being propelled toward the anti-tentacle barrier with a body implanted with tentacles. Unable to find a way to escape, he shouted in defeat before being disintegrated.

Long Summary[]

Characters in order of appearance[]


  • As a tankobon extra, Akira Takaoka welcomes Yanagisawa to sit with him next to a sign that is labelled "loser's field".


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