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Lost Time
Japanese Title 戻らない時間
Modoranai jikan
Volume 20
Chapter 175
Pages 20
Previous Chapter Chapter 174
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Next Chapter Chapter 176
Time Has Come

Lost Time (戻らない時間, Modoranai jikan) is chapter 175 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

As Korosensei battled a dismembered Reaper 2.0 in midair, the former experienced a flashback.

In the flashback, original Reaper noticed a vase full of flowers and asked where they came from. His student explained that he picked them as a way to practice comforting people for assassinations, but added he could remove them if the Reaper didn't want them. The original Reaper told his student that he can keep the flowers and added that he had a taste much better than his own. The young boy beamed, but was told to study more chemistry.

Dodging Reaper 2.0's attack, Korosensei wondered if he would have been able to guide his student to a better future, before mortally wounding him with an anti-sensei knife. In his last moments, Reaper 2.0 imparted to Korosensei that upon being asked by the tentacles what he wanted to be, he responded that he wanted to be acknowledged; to be like him. Korosensei replied that he was able to understand how he felt and suggested they study together on the other side, before sending him into the barrier. Nobody cheered when the Reaper disintegrated, since the class was mourning Kayano's apparent death.

Korosensei stated that he had made many mistakes, but they can learn from the past. Presenting a red sphere of liquid, he revealed that he had collected every bit of blood that Kayano lost when she was impaled. While reconnecting Kayano's blood cells, he explained that he had prepared for this eventuality so it wouldn't end like with Aguri Yukimura. After receiving additional blood volunteered by Itona and Karma, with a minor dose of electricity from Korosensei, Kayano was revived. As the class rejoiced, Korosensei silently asked Aguri if he had done a good job as a teacher.

Long Summary[]

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