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Graduation Time
Japanese Title 卒業の時間
Sotsugyō no jikan
Volume 20
Chapter 177
Pages 28
Previous Chapter Chapter 176
Time Has Come
Next Chapter Chapter 178
Time for Tears

Graduation Time (卒業の時間, Sotsugyō no jikan) is chapter 177 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

Before commencing the final roll call, Korosensei asked if Irina wanted a share of the reward. She denied the opportunity, stating that this was between him and the students. Korosensei told Karasuma that he hoped for him to continue looking after them, to which Karasuma replied that he would never forget the year he spent here. As he gave his last roll call, he told them that he was content with being assassinated by them.

However, while preparing to stab him, Nagisa became visibly overwhelmed by his emotions. Korosensei placed a tentacle on his neck and assured him not to kill someone feeling like that; but rather with a smile. After taking some time to recompose himself, with a smile on his face, Nagisa said his final goodbyes to Korosensei before landing the killing blow. Korosensei began to dissipate into particles of light, until all that remained were his clothes. Unable to hold back their feelings any longer, the class wailed in grief.

The current time was almost midnight, the day before the class officially graduated; but the class felt they had graduated before that.

Long Summary[]

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