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Time for Tears
Japanese Title 涙の時間
Namida no jikan
Volume 21
Chapter 178
Pages 22
Previous Chapter Chapter 177
Graduation Time
Next Chapter Chapter 179
Time After Time

Time for Tears (涙の時間, Namida no jikan) is chapter 178 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

As Nagisa woke up on the morning after assassinating Korosensei, he recollected what had happened between now and then:

Immediately after the assassination, the class found on each of their desks a personalized copy of Korosensei's advice book, the class yearbook and a self-made diploma. The laser had fired sometime after they killed Korosensei, and Karasuma held back military personnel by explaining he was in charge of the class. Eventually, the class fell asleep attempting to complete their advice books.

Back in the present day, Karasuma informed that the class would be dogged by the media and asked that they keep certain details private. He apologized in advance, but the class assured that they would be fine, before formally thanking them.

At the graduation ceremony, Chairman Asano congratulated Nagisa as he gave him his diploma. Shortly after, he was surprised to see both his mother and his father together. The latter explained that Korosensei had met with him last month to encourage him to reunite the family. Hiromi announced they would try and start things over, which brung Nagisa to cry tears of joy.

However, Class 3-E soon found themselves dogged by the media, who were asking questions about the monster at the school. Fortunately, Class A pushed back the various reporters and escorted Class 3-E to their bus outside. Nagisa once again let out tears of happiness, and silently said his farewell to Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

Long Summary[]

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