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Time After Time
Japanese Title 去りゆく時間
Sariyuku jikan
Volume 21
Chapter 179
Pages 23
Previous Chapter Chapter 178
Time for Tears
Next Chapter Chapter 180
Killing Time

Time After time (去りゆく時間, Sariyuku jikan) is chapter 179 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

Yanagisawa turned out to have survived being sent through the Shield of Earth, but was rendered permanently disabled. Additionally, the government deemed his antimatter research too dangerous for military or civilian usage, thus making it unusable. Despite everything Yanagisawa had done, Kayano still had a sliver of hope that he could acknowledge everyone needs help from others to live. The Class 3-E campus had closed down due to accusations that Kunugigaoka Junior High School was endangering the lives of its students and that the Class E system was deemed unethical, ultimately forcing Chairman Asano to resign. While cleaning out his office, Asano was pleasantly surprised to see Nagai and Mori; two of his first students. He offers them drinks, as a toast to a new journey. Class 3-E was given the bounty and initially fantasized on what to spend on. However, after remembering advice from Korosensei not to purely rely on money, they decided to take enough money for their academics, donate some money to Matsukata's nursery and give the rest of the cash to the government. The crescent moon would gradually collapse under its own gravity, reflecting the end of the assassination classroom.

Seven years later, Karasuma, now married to Irina, assigned the latter to head to the Middle East. After insisting her to go after she failed to tease him, Karasuma noted that her personality hadn't changed over seven years and wondered how the class was doing.

Kayano had went back to show business as shown from a promotional poster, but found some time to visit and pray at the old campus. There, she came across most of the class, who had all matured. As everyone began cleaning the old campus, Kayano reflected that they didn't need to make a grave for her sister and Korosensei, because they didn't feel dead to them. After a discussion on how Okano and Kurahashi had been using the mountain for acrobatics training and nature tours respectively, Kayano hoped that one person would use the old campus at some point.

Long Summary[]

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