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Killing Time
Japanese Title 殺しの時間
Koroshi no jikan
Volume 21
Chapter 180
Pages 23
Previous Chapter Chapter 179
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Killing Time (殺しの時間, Koroshi no jikan) is chapter 180 of the Assassination Classroom manga.


Short Summary[]

Using the formula for Korosensei's slime found in their advice books, Okuda and Takebayashi developed artificial blood compatible with any blood type for transfusion. Sugino was scouted by many coaches and professional teams in college. Terasaka worked under a politician, while Muramatsu, Yoshida and Itona worked in their respective family businesses. Ritsu resided and upgraded herself within the internet, but was willing to help her classmates if needed. Hazama became a librarian and Nakamura studied abroad. Karma had recently passed a civil service exam to begin working at the Ministry of Economics, Trade and Industry. As the class playfully attacked each other with water, Kayano reflected how Korosensei's lessons lived on within them and how he connected them all. Hara asked Kayano about the relationship between her and Nagisa, to which Kayano replied that they haven't; he always kept his eyes on his target.

Unlike the rest of his class, Nagisa was less fortunate. He ended up having to work in a class full of delinquents, where the power balance was the polar opposite of Class 3-E. Nagisa lamented that he only managed to grow one centimeter within seven years, especially since everyone else grew taller; Karma grew up to be 185 centimeters (6'1"). After nervously asked them to sit down, the lead student got up and threatened to kill him. In response to the word "kill", Nagisa used the stun clap on the student before placing his middle finger onto the delinquent's neck, which made everyone else gasp in awe. As Nagisa picked up his attendance book and made his way to the front of the classroom, an image of Korosensei loomed over him. Nagisa then placed down the book on the front desk and announced the start of class.

Long Summary[]

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