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Movie Time!
Chapter 028
Japanese Title 映画の時間
Eiga no Jikan
Volume 4
Chapter 28
Pages 19
Release Date January 28, 2013
WSJ Issue 9, 2013
Previous Chapter Chapter 27
Overcoming Shortcomings in Time
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Time for Another Transfer Student-2nd Period
Characters Shiro

Movie Time! (映画の時間 Eiga no Jikan) is the twenty-eighth chapter of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short summary[]

Reading a movie magazine, Korosensei plans to visit Hawaii to see the superhero movie Sonic Ninja, catching the interest of Nagisa and Karma, who were also reading the same magazine. After school, the two gain permission from Korosensei to come along with him to see the movie, along with Ritsu via Nagisa's cell phone. Korosensei flies the two to Hawaii while teaching them a lesson. They go inside a movie theater to watch the movie, where the last boss is revealed to be the heroine's brother. After the movie, Korosensei drops the two off at school and flies off, catching the interest of a boy, the other new transfer student for the class, and a cloaked figure, his accomplice, hidden in the forest below.

Long summary[]

Korosensei's cheeks blush as he reads Movie Plaza, a movie magazine. Isogai shoots a bullet at Korosensei and asks if he has something planned after school, seeing that he's in a good mood. Ducking the bullet, Korosensei tells him he's going to Hawaii to see a movie, released in America only a short while ago. Nakamura envies him, to which Korosensei remarks that his Mach 20 speed is perfect for this. Maehara and Kataoka also crowd around Korosensei as he shows them the magazine cover, featuring the superhero film Sonic Ninja. The students ask Korosensei to tell them what he thought about it tomorrow. Hearing the commotion and sharing a copy of the same magazine open to an article of Sonic Ninja, Nagisa and Karma stare at Korosensei in shock.

After school, as Korosensei prepares to leave for Hawaii, Nagisa and Karma approach him. Nagisa asks if he could take them along to see the movie. Korosensei asks if he likes the movie, to which Nagisa claims he's been waiting forever for the sequel. Korosensei notes Karma's unexpected interest in superhero movies, to which Karma claims he likes the director and notes how unusual it is for him to work on a film based in American comics. From the cell phone in Nagisa's pocket, Ritsu tells him she wants to go too. Nagisa takes his cell phone out to find Ritsu holding a sign apologizing for the intrusion. Confused, Nagisa asks her why she's in his phone. Ritsu explains that she can facilitate information with everyone, and that she downloaded her terminal into everyone's cell phones, dubbing herself "Mobile Ritsu". Ritsu points to the camera on his cell phone and explains she wants to experience Korosensei's takeoff again as assassination reference material. Korosensei agrees to let Nagisa and Karma along on his trip and places them inside his academic dress. Stunned, Nagisa realizes they're doing something unbelievable, to which Karma agrees and realize they forgot about their own safety. Korosensei tells them not to worry as he'll accelerate slowly to prevent taxing their bodies. Korosensei dashes out the school building, leaving Nagisa and Karma screaming. Nagisa screams at how fast they are, while Karma notes that he can see the Pacific Ocean already. Nagisa then realizes that he doesn't feel or hear wind as Korosensei's head repels it. Korosensei praises him and explains that his usually soft head solidifies under high pressure so that it won't succumb to the wind pressure from moving at mach speed. Taking out a beaker, a packet of potato starch and some bottle water, Korosensei explains that there are laws of physics involved at flying at supersonic speeds too advanced for them, and that he'll start instead by teaching a principle more familiar to them. He starts teaching them about the "dilatancy phenomenon" by mixing the potato starch with water, leaving Nagisa in shock that he's teaching them mid-flight. Ritsu suggests Karma to assassinate Korosensei right now while they're close together, to which Karma refuses, claiming they'd drop into the ocean at mach speed, and as such are completely at his mercy and can only listen to his lesson.

At an entertainment center in Hawaii, Korosensei drops the two students as he concludes his lesson, explaining that bulletproof vests also use the technology. Nagisa and Karma look at each other as Korosensei remarks that they have learned something new and the movie theater is now below them. Standing on the roof, Nagisa views the skyline.

Inside the movie theater, the students note how cold it is with the air conditioning set too high. Korosensei explains that this is normal in Hawaii and gives them blankets to wear. Dressed in a coat and mittens, Ritsu expresses her excitement at being in a movie theater for the first time. Sitting down, Nagisa worries that he won't be able to understand the plot since there won't be any Japanese subtitles for them. Korosensei notes that they should be fine since they're doing well in English with Irina having taught them. He tells Nagisa and Karma to put his tentacles, resembling earbuds making sounds through a mouth, into their ears to explain vocabulary they haven't learned yet. He then offers the two soda and popcorn. Finally, the movie starts.

A scene depicts the hero defending a woman in a city under destruction. Nagisa notes that the movie is about a solitary hero who saves the world amidst his own worries, something everyone his age would admire, but wonders if Korosensei feels the same way. Nagisa looks over to find Korosensei blushing over the woman's bra size. Seeing the woman run away from a monster, Nagisa is stunned that Korosensei is only focusing at the heroine. In the movie, the monster takes his mask off to reveal a human face. The heroine is stunned to realize that the monster is her own brother. At the moment, Korosensei stops blushing.


Back at Kunugigaoka Junior High School later that night, Nagisa expresses his anxiety for the next installment. Karma claims the last boss being the heroine's brother felt cliched. Ritsu then offers to make an accurate prediction of the final film's developments through analyzing 1000 Hollywood movies. Nagisa refuses, calling the two of them killjoys. Korosensei is seen bawling at how the brother and sister were separated their whole lives. Karma is confused at Korosensei's reaction as an adult, while Nagisa notes that he's been crying all the way home from Hawaii. Nagisa thanks Korosensei and says goodbye. Still crying, Korosensei tells the two to be careful as it's dark outside. He then tells the two to write up their impressions of the movie in English to hand in for tomorrow. Nagisa is shocked at the homework, to which Korosensei claims it's a cheap form of compensation for going to Hawaii for free. Through the forest, Nagisa breathes a sigh, leaving Karma to wonder what's with him. Nagisa explains that they just spent the last five hours travelling to Hawaii while taking a lesson, seeing a movie, then coming back, a first for him. Karma agrees, to which Ritsu also notes that Korosensei looked after them with the utmost care, confirming that he used his tentacles to protect them from things like wind pressure, dust and dirt. Nagisa reflects that the scenery is what Korosensei views all the time, and that the more they know about him, the more the meaning of his existence will likely fade from their minds.

Finally having stopped crying, Korosensei prepares to leave for Mimura's home to give him a supplementary math lesson. Flying off, he zooms past a boy standing on a tree branch below. A figure in a white cloak asks the boy if his eyes were able to follow Korosensei. The boy nods. The hooded figure then tells the boy that he should be able to kill him. The boy wonders if he just saw his own brother, to which the hooded figure affirms him and explains he'll be his teacher tomorrow. The boy jumps down from the tree branch as the hooded figure tells him they'll make him pay for what he did to the moon.

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