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Time for Terasaka
Chapter 046
Japanese Title 寺坂の時間
Terasaka no Jikan
Volume Volume 6
Swimming Time
Chapter 46
Pages 18
Release Date June 10, 2013
WSJ Issue 28, 2013
Episode Episode 14
Vision Time
Previous Chapter Chapter 45
Swim Time
Next Chapter Chapter 47
Time for a Vision

Time for Terasaka (寺坂の時間 Terasaka no Jikan) is the forty-sixth chapter of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short summary[]

The class is appalled as they realize the pool had been destroyed, but Korosensei promptly fixes it, leaving Terasaka, Muramatsu and Yoshida dumbfounded. Terasaka then finds out that Muramatsu and Yoshida have betrayed him on antagonizing Korosensei. Muramatsu reveals to having attended Korosensei's study sessions to score well on a nationwide mock exam, while Yoshida reveals his similar interests with Korosensei on motorcycles. Terasaka loses it and throws a can of bug killer on the classroom floor, causing pesticide to spread across the room. After a skirmish with Karma, Terasaka storms off. That night, he dumps a chemical into the pool. It turns out Shiro had bribed Terasaka to destroy the pool, spread the pesticide and dump the chemicals as part of a larger plan to take down Korosensei.

Long summary[]

A student watches class 3-E and recalls how extraordinary it's been with all the improvements it's been through, from sharply increasing its scores on the midterms, to winning against the school's elite baseball team, to getting a new personal pool, which also happens to be the reason why Terasaka disfavors the class. He smirks as Okajima bursts inside the classroom, telling everyone to come to the pool to see what happened.

The class find the pool equipment destroyed and Bitch-sensei standing with a blank face, having lost the chance to debut her new swimsuit. Okuda even finds garbage thrown into the pool and wonders who would do it. Nagisa spots Terasaka, Yoshida and Muramatsu snickering nearby. Yoshida and Muramatsu laugh at the pool's destruction. Terasaka spots Nagisa and approaches him. He grabs Nagisa and scolds him for thinking they'd do such a thing. Korosensei appears right next to him and agrees, claiming there's no need to search for the culprit. Promptly, he fixes all the pool equipment and tells the students to continue playing in the pool, to which the students happily comply. The trio are left dumbfounded. Karma teases Korosensei by shooting a water gun at him as Terasaka leaves, reflecting on how it's all Korosensei's fault on how he used to be part of a group of worthless people until he came. Someone asks Nagisa about Terasaka, to which Nagisa explains he's never seen the three of them active in studying or assassination, but that Terasaka was especially irritated and that he was probably the culprit in destroying the pool. Sugino tells him to just leave the three alone, calling them killjoys on how they never giving up bullying, to which Karma claims it's a waste not to enjoy yourself in a classroom where it's okay to kill.

Inside the forest, Muramatsu suggests to Terasaka to change their ways of thinking, recalling how Korosensei wasn't fazed by the pool's destruction as brought on by Terasaka. He also notes that there's no point in distancing themselves from the other students either. Terasaka then finds a paper in Muramatsu's back pocket and takes it out, revealing a report card for a nationwide mock exam for junior high school students. Embarrassed, Muramatsu explains that he'd been scoring higher than ever before and credits a "zig-zaggingly intensive study session" opened by Korosensei, leaving Terasaka extremely furious. Terasaka recalls having made an agreement among the three that they'd ignore the zig-zagging, to which Muramatsu tries to weasel his way out, but to no avail as Terasaka throws him against a tree. He calls Muramatsu a traitor and walks off.

Back inside the school building, Terasaka is still fuming over Korosensei winning everyone over and recalls that there used to be others who thought his way too. He overhears a familiar, yet excited voice coming from inside the classroom. The student claims to have noticed someone looking at a magazine earlier and that he tried using scrap wood from the pool to make something. Terasaka opens the classroom door to find the students, in particular Yoshida, admiring Korosensei and a new motorcycle he made. Spotting Terasaka building up anger, Yoshida embarrassingly mentions he got enthused over Korosensei's interest in bikes as no one else in school is really into them. Korosensei laughs and confirms this as one of his hobbies too as a man among men. Korosensei admires how the bike's fastest speed is 300 km/h, to which Yoshida teases him on how it'd be faster for him to pick it up and fly. Having lost it with Yoshida, Terasaka destroys the motorcycle with his foot. As he walks off, he gets scolded by Yoshida and Nakamura, the latter of whom tells him to apologize for making Korosensei, a man among men, cry. Inexplicably, Terasaka grabs a can of bug killer from his desk and throws it on the floor, releasing a large cloud of pesticide into the air. Korosensei, now somewhat irritated, grabs Terasaka's shoulder and tells him that even pranks have limits, to which Terasaka slaps his tentacles away and tells everyone how sickening he is and everyone to be getting along with him. Standing alone, Karma teases him to try to kill Korosensei if he's so disgusted. Terasaka sees this as a fight and accepts, to which Karma immediately grabs his mouth and meancingly tells him that he's no good, that he should shoot first, then ask questions later. Having had enough, Terasaka slaps his arm away and storms out of the classroom, slamming the door, leaving the class stunned and Korosensei pondering.

That night, as he dumps a canister of liquid into the pool, Terasaka thinks about how much he'd rather just live his life than care about the earth being in danger, improving himself, and escaping from the status of "leftovers" as a motive for something. A figure claps his hands and praises Terasaka for his work, having destroyed the pool, released the pesticide in the classroom and dumped some chemicals into the pool. Shiro hands him 100,000 yen as compensation, as Itona crouches on top of a tree branch.

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