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Time for a Vision
Chapter 047
Japanese Title ビジョンの時間
Bijon no Jikan
Volume Volume 6
Swimming Time
Chapter 47
Pages 19
Release Date June 17, 2013
WSJ Issue 29, 2013
Episode Episode 14
Vision Time
Previous Chapter Chapter 46
Time for Terasaka
Next Chapter Chapter 48
Time to do the Deed

Time for a Vision (ビジョンの時間 Bijon no Jikan) is the forty-seventh chapter of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short summary[]

Shiro reveals he chose Terasaka for his plan because of his distance with the rest of the class. Itona stares at Terasaka menacingly and tells him he's weaker than Karma for having no vision. Throughout the day, Korosensei's nose has been leaking, all part of Shiro's plan to dull his senses. Terasaka enters the classroom and challenges to assassinate him with the help of the rest of the class, much to even Yoshida and Muramatsu's reluctancy. However, Korosensei encourages everyone to join him anyways as his first true attempt of assassinating him. After refusing to take Nagisa's advice to go over the plan with everyone, Terasaka commands all the students into the pool, and pulls a pistol out at Korosensei, actually a trigger to call Itona to push Korosensei into the water. With all his hate of Korosensei, Terasaka pulls the trigger only to reveal Shiro's true plan: blowing up the dam sealing in the pool water, washing away and threatening the lives of the students inside and forcing Korosensei to rescue them.

Long summary[]

Shiro reveals he chose Terasaka to build the stage for Itona since Korosensei is keen at detecting presences around him. Terasaka notices that Itona's eyes and hairstyle have changed, to which Shiro compliments him on noticing the finer details. He then explains (illustrated in a chibi form) that he cultivated a new plan to calibrate Itona's powers from their last encounter. He claims he sympathizes with Terasaka because he was feeling increasingly irritated at Korosensei and isolated from the rest of the class, assuring him that Korosensei will be killed and class E will be back to normal while he gains some pocket money. Terasaka smiles and looks at his money. Suddenly, Itona zooms in front of him, slightly scaring Terasaka. Staring at him, he unemotionally calls Terasaka weaker than the red-haired one, in that even though he has a better strength and build, he has no vision. He compares Terasaka with a cow only eating the grass in front of him as one who cannot win against a wolf with the vision to kill cattle. Itona walks off reiterating that vision is all he needs. Terasaka is left infuriated at Itona's awkward behavior and asks if his brain is made of tentacles, to which Shiro tells him not to worry as he hasn't perfectly groomed Itona yet. He shakes Terasaka's hand and encourages the two of them to get along, being the best for the plan as one willing to act so unnaturally without looking odd. He concludes that the final part of the plan will take place after school today.

During lunchtime in the classroom, with Korosensei holding a tissue to his oozing eyes, Irina brings up Korosensei having cried for so long and for no reason. Korosensei explains that it's not his tears, but a running nose, as pointed out immediately beside his eye, to which Irina is annoyed at how misleading it is. As Terasaka approaches the classroom, Korosensei claims his body is feeling funny since yesterday and thinks he might have caught a summer cold. As soon as Terasaka enters the classroom, Korosensei rushes up to him and expresses how worried he was about him and that he thought he wasn't coming to class today. With his mucus oozing onto Terasaka's grumpy face, Korosensei notes how angry he was yesterday and checks with the class to see if they've gotten over it. As with the rest of the class, Kayano claims she's more worried that Korosensei is going to cover Terasaka's face. Korosensei mentions he thought about everything yesterday and offers to have a talk with Terasaka as the best solution to see what's bothering him. Wiping his face against Korosensei's tie, Terasaka recalls Shiro mentioning that the pesticide he spread yesterday is a cedar pollen that dulls the senses of tentacled creatures and that now is the time to draw him out. Finally, Terasaka confidently threatens Korosensei to come to the pool after school to beat him, pointing that he's weak against water. He then directs the rest of the class to help him out. The class stares at him silently. Maehara stands up and points how he's never worked with them on their assassination attempts, and so asks if he really expects everyone to follow his orders at his convenience. Terasaka arrogantly claims it doesn't matter if he doesn't come and that he'll just take all the reward money himself. Both Yoshida and Muramatsu have become fed up with him, as do the rest of the class. With his nose still running, Korosensei tells the class to come anyways, at which point Sugino and the rest of the class have become trapped in Korosensei's mucus flooding the floor. With his head covered in his own mucus, Korosensei smiles at Terasaka finally motivated to assassinate him and urges the class to go together, suggesting they'd feel better from making up, to which the rest of the class is already annoyed at him making everyone sick. As Terasaka leaves the building, Nagisa asks if he's really going to go all-out, to which Terasaka says he is, as if obvious. Nagisa then suggests talking it over with everyone else to make a concrete plan, reminding him that he wouldn't be able to use the same trick again if he makes a mistake the first time. Terasaka almost spoils the plan established with the duo, when he manages to cough to stop himself in time. He then grabs Nagisa by the chest, telling him to shut up and that people who crowd together don't have the vision to kill. Throwing Nagisa back, he forcefully claims he has the vision to kill him off alone. Staring at him, Nagisa thinks that Terasaka has confidence in his "plan", but not "himself", as if he wasn't speaking his own words.

With the class reluctantly in the pool, Terasaka commands everyone to spread out. Still out of the pool and pushing up his glasses, Takebayashi expresses his doubts on whether Terasaka can skillfully knock someone into the water, to which Terasaka tells him to shut up and easily kicks him tumbling into the water. Kimura calls him a tyrant, while Mimura recalls everyone already having hated him in his first and second years and claims the school isolated him too much. Korosensei overhears Terasaka's plan to knock him into the water and chuckles wondering how he'll be able to with just a pistol. Looking at the pistol in his hand, Terasaka recalls Shiro mentioning that the pistol is not real, but rather, a transmitter to signal himself and Itona. He explains that once the trigger is pulled, Itona will rush at Korosensei from behind and push him into the water. Recalling the plan himself from a distance, Shiro claims this is what he told Terasaka, but that he also added a lure knowing Korosensei would not go down so easily, camouflaged by Terasaka destroying the pool. Terasaka points the fake pistol at Korosensei's head telling him to be prepared, to which Korosensei tells him even his nose has stopped dripping. Terasaka claims he's always hated Korosensei. In response, stripes of mockery appear on Korosensei's face. With a straight smile, he promises a long chat between the two of them. Extra irritated of Korosensei mocking him, Terasaka anticipates Itona coming out and pulls the trigger. Instead, however, a bomb planted on the pool gate explodes. As Terasaka looks back at his fake pistol in shock, Shiro explains with his iPad his actual plan: to destroy the gate preventing the pool water from flooding down, washing away the students. With a devious appearance, Shiro estimates seven or eight casualties if Korosensei doesn't come to rescue them. Seeing the pool and the students getting washed away, Terasaka and Korosensei become petrified.

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