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Sovereign Time, 2nd Period
Japanese Title 支配者の時間・2時間目
Shihaisha no jikan, ni jikanme
Volume 9
Chapter 79
Release Date February 17, 2014
WSJ Issue 12, 2014
Previous Chapter Chapter 78
Takebayashi's Time
Next Chapter Chapter 80
Kayano's Time

Sovereign Time, 2nd Period (支配者の時間・2時間目, Shihaisha no jikan, ni jikanme) is chapter 79 of the Assassination Classroom manga.

Short summary[]

Takebayashi, who has transferred to Class A since the last chapter, is called upon by Asano to request for a "Class E Reeducation Committee", giving him a script to ridicule his ex-classmates during school assembly (the day also happens to be the school's anniversary). Under the promise of a huge achievement that would stay with him past high-school and the ability to 'become strong', Takebayashi accepted.

Returning home, Takebayashi finds Korosensei, who tells him he shouldn't rush to 'kill himself' and be accepted by his family, and offers him consultation at any time.

The next day at assembly, Takebayashi takes the lectern and started his speech. He followed the speech at the first few moments, but immediately changed direction and praised Class 3-E instead. Before he can be removed from stage, Takebayashi takes out an award belonging to Asano (which he stolen the day before) and destroys it, jumping on a rumor that a previous student who had done the same deed was sent to the E class. Takebayashi then exiles himself to Class-E, and counters Gakushū Asano's retort.

The next day, Karasuma tells the students that they will be learning to use explosives, and offers to assign a student to supervise its usage. Takebayashi took up the offer, saying that he can memorize it easily.

Long summary[]

The chapter begins with Takebayashi in the chairman's room reading an excerpt of the script he was given to speak at school assembly, so as to ridicule his ex-classmates and have a chance to start an community to preside over them. The exaggerations of the illustrations depicts the "many depraved ways of my classmates in Class E", most of which are over-exaggerations, with some slight truth.

  • Terasaka, Karma, Yoshida and another student are "Violent Students" who are portrayed as biker gangs.
  • Maehara is portrayed to be having a haram with Rio, Kataoka, Kanzaki and another student, as "Students who were dazed by lewd relations with multiple partners.
  • "Students burdened by appalling communication issues" portrayed by Chiba (who happily burns things), Kurahashi (who plucks wings off butterflies) and Nagisa (who doesn't attend school and scolds his mother who slips notes under his door)
  • Okajima and Muramatsu are "Students who dirtied their hands in perverted actions" and are depicted wearing women's underwear and attempting to sneak into the woman's bathing room.
  • Yada and Sumire Hara are "Obese students who had no reason to live, other than eat", chomping food off the floor.

Asano, both father and son, offers Takebayashi a spot in the student body as "Management Committee Chairman", saying that it would be a huge accomplishment on his recommendation papers, and that he would "acquire the air of the strong". Takebayashi says he would do it, though he swipes something off the prize column. He then asks Gakushu if this was the view he always had on the top. Gakushu says yes, though in his mind he admits that he never even got to step on the summit yet, referring to his father.

When returning home, Takebayashi chances upon Korosensei trying to hide himself (with little success). Takebayashi foils this and says he is going to call the police, and asks what Korosensei wants from him as he had transferred out of Class 3-E already. Korosensei gives Takebayashi "Visual Kei" makeup, saying that he tried "killing his unique otaku character". He then councils Takebayashi, saying that even though he had given up 'killing', he is still trying to kill his own unrestrained self by trying to be accepted by his family. He advises Takebayashi to take his time, and offers his consultation.

On the next day, Takebayashi gets ready to begin his speech. Chiba notes the feeling of apprehension and bloodlust from Takebayashi, feeling as though "something important is about to be totally destroyed". Takebayashi begins his speech by ridiculing Class 3-E, but shocked almost everyone when he says that being in Class 3-E was "almost as comfortable to be in as a maid cafe". He confesses that he was lying about wanting to be strong, and expresses gratitude for being treated as an equal in Class 3-E, something he couldn't find anywhere else. Asano then calls for him to be removed from stage, but not before Takebayashi flourishes his Anti-Sensei Knife and reveals that he has stolen a teaching award from the chairman's room. Knowing from Gakushu Asano that a previous student who had destroyed one of his father's prizes was immediately sent to Class 3-E, Takebayashi destroys the teaching award in front of the whole school. He says that as based on rationality and precedence, he exiles himself back to Class 3-E.

Gakushu Asano confronts Takebayashi as he leaves, berating him for giving up a chance to become strong. Takebayashi counters, saying that everyone else was scared despite being the 'strong' ones.

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