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Chosuke Takada (高田 長助 Takada Chōsuke) is a student in Class 3-D of Kunugigaoka Junior High School who is often seen with Nobuta Tanaka (Chosuke's friend).


Takada has black hair and dark eyes framed with black-rimmed glasses.

Like many of the other main school students, he wears the standard grey Kunugigaoka Junior High School uniform.


Takada is consistently rude and disrespectful to Class 3-E that he is often rude to his other classmates in general.



Aside from his consistent rudeness, Takada has no noteworthy characteristics nor abilities.


Nobuta Tanaka[]

Main article: Nobuta Tanaka

Takada appears along side Tanaka in every appearance he makes, indicating that they are very close. They are so close that they have no qualms holding each other or sharing a two-person bicycle.



  • The name Chosuke means "long, chief, boss" (長) (cho) and "help, rescue, assist/assistant/assistance" (助) (suke). 
  • Chosuke's surname Takada means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "field, rice paddy" (田) (ta/da). 


  • According to the Graduation Album [1], Takada ends up living together with Nobuta Tanaka as roommates.
  • It has become a custom of theirs for Takada to listen to Tanaka complain about his girlfriend while they bathe.
  • Takada swore he’d get a girlfriend before Tanaka, but because of his lack of experience and his pride, he still doesn’t have a girlfriend.
  • According to the Character Book [2], Tanaka and Takada were so close to each other that the girls in their class suspected they were in a romantic relationship.


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