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The building of Class 3-E

Class 3-E (3年E組 San-nen E-gumi), or simply Class E, is the lowest ranked class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School where it is nicknamed the "E-as-in-End Class" and consists of students who either failed to keep their grades up (i.e. Yukiko Kanzaki, Nagisa Shiota) or were punished for breaking school regulations (i.e. Yuma Isogai, Karma Akabane).

The current year of 28 third-year students were tasked with a mission to assassinate an unknown destructive lifeform who they named Korosensei.


The building was originally a cram school Gakuho Asano first taught at. Asano had a teaching style very similar to Korosensei; he raised them to become kind and well-rounded. However, after the suicide of one of his former students, Asano developed new education ideals of creating "strong" students instead of "good" ones, and created Class 3-E to segregate the weaker students.

Class E was made solely for the purpose of fulfilling Chairman Asano's educational value of his variation of the 20:20:60 worker ant ratio, a social science which states that 20% of people are exceptional, 20% of people are worthless, and the other 60% are ordinary. In Chairman Asano's "E system", the students who display poor academic ability are gathered in Class E and are singled out as the worthless ones, as a result, students do everything in their power to keep their grades up and avoid getting transferred to Class E.

Asano's goal is for 95% of his students to be in the exceptional category, while only the remaining 5% fall into the worthless category (ignoring the fact that Class E actually comprises of 15% of the total student body).

Blatant discrimination and stigmatization from the main body of the school, new and inexperienced teachers, poor and shoddy study environment, and even Chairman Asano himself intervening occasionally to ensure that the Class 3-E 'stays in the bog', sabotaging any effort from Class 3-E to improve itself academically, added to the despair of Class E students who lost the will to strive makes escape from Class 3-E while still attending the school virtually impossible.

Prior to the events of the story, Class 3-E was under the tutelage of Aguri Yukimura who was killed shortly after the destruction of the moon [1] and being subjected to all manners of unjust, unfair and contemptuous treatments as failures.

Location and Appearance[]

The Class E building is located one kilometer away from the main building up on a nearby mountain. The trail between the Main Campus and Class E, in addition to the uphill trek, is riddled with a number of natural obstacles such as snakes, bees and rivers.

Its exterior is that of an old rundown wooden school building with several places on the roof and a few windows boarded up. The interior contains a simple classroom with a blackboard, 28 desks and a small faculty lounge. The building has no air conditioning and the ceiling has several leaks in it as well due to lack of funds (stemming from discriminatory school policy). Even with the building in such poor quality, Class 3-E is not on the list of School's concern to renovate the building.

Students and Staff[]



Listed by order of seat number
  1. Karma Akabane
  2. Yuma Isogai
  3. Taiga Okajima
  4. Hinata Okano
  5. Manami Okuda
  6. Meg Kataoka
  7. Kaede Kayano
  8. Yukiko Kanzaki
  9. Masayoshi Kimura
  10. Hinano Kurahashi
  11. Nagisa Shiota
  12. Sosuke Sugaya
  13. Tomohito Sugino
  14. Kotaro Takebayashi
  15. Ryunosuke Chiba
  16. Ryoma Terasaka
  17. Rio Nakamura
  18. Kirara Hazama
  19. Rinka Hayami
  20. Sumire Hara
  21. Yuzuki Fuwa
  22. Hiroto Maehara
  23. Koki Mimura
  24. Takuya Muramatsu
  25. Toka Yada
  26. Taisei Yoshida
  27. Ritsu
  28. Itona Horibe
  • Nise Onaga (Stand-in for Ritsu during tests and assemblies)


Currently, Class E is the location of a government confidential assassination of their homeroom teacher, Korosensei. Because it is secluded away from the main building, the students and teachers are able to carry out their assassination attempts without the people from the main school knowing or noticing.

The students work in three major types of groups:

  1. Proactive assassins who actively seek to assassinate Korosensei.
  2. Supporters for the group 1 and do what they can to help out in assassinations.
  3. People who are too individualistic to work in a group so they carry out their own unique plans.
Proactive Assassins Supporter Assassins Individualist Assassins
Hiroto Maehara Nagisa Shiota Karma Akabane
Masayoshi Kimura Kaede Kayano Rio Nakamura
Tomohito Sugino Ryunosuke Chiba Manami Okuda
Hinata Okano Rinka Hayami Kotaro Takebayashi
Toka Yada Yukiko Kanzaki Sosuke Sugaya
Hinano Kurahashi Taiga Okajima Ryoma Terasaka
Koki Mimura Yuzuki Fuwa Taisei Yoshida
Yuma Isogai Sumire Hara Takuya Muramatsu
Meg Kataoka Itona Horibe (after removing his anti-matter tentacle) Itona Horibe (before removing his anti-matter tentacle)
Ritsu (before being reprogrammed by Korosensei) Ritsu (after being reprogrammed by Korosensei) Kirara Hazama

In Chapter 178, after Korosensei is assassinated, Class 3-E ended as everyone was graduated from Kunugigaoka Junior High School on the day of Graduation. Chairman Gakuho Asano had also been heavily criticised that his Class E system was unethical, which forced him to resign as Chairman of the Academy and as a result, discontinue the Class E system. Later in Chapter 179, all of them received rewards of 30 billion yen for completing the assassination of Korosensei, but later decided to take a minimal amount that was only necessary for them. Instead, they used the remaining money to Tadaomi Karasuma and to fulfill one of their wishes, which was to purchase Classroom 3-E and the whole mountain it was situated on as a memento.

Seven years later, Class E reunites to repair the classroom. Kaede Kayano, who returned to being an actress, hoped Nagisa Shiota would be the teacher of the repaired Class 3-E building.



1.Karma Akabane : December 25 2.Yuma Isogai : November 13
3.Taiga Okajima : June 9 4.Hinata Okano : April 2
5.Manami Okuda : November 7 6.Meg Kataoka : June 15
7.Kaede Kayano : January 9 8.Yukiko Kanzaki : March 3
9.Masayoshi Kimura : June 12 10.Hinano Kurahashi : October 23
11.Nagisa Shiota : July 20 12.Sosuke Sugaya : October 25
13.Tomohito Sugino : August 23 14.Kotaro Takebayashi : January 29
15.Ryunosuke Chiba : May 20 16.Ryoma Terasaka : April 10
17.Rio Nakamura : August 24 18.Kirara Hazama : May 6
19.Rinka Hayami : July 12 20.Sumire Hara : May 8
21.Yuzuki Fuwa : February 9 22.Hiroto Maehara : December 6
23.Koki Mimura : February 1 24.Takuya Muramatsu : August 25
25.Toka Yada : August 1 26.Taisei Yoshida : August 19
27.Ritsu : January 1 28.Itona Horibe : March 31


  • The story features Class 3-E as the last batch of Class 3-E before its closure due to heavy criticism. Class 3-E was noted to have stood for approximately eight years, created two years after Chairman Gakuho Asano opened Kunugigaoka Junior High School.
  • Even with all the injustices Class 3-E is subjected to, people outside of the school (who are unaware of the Academy's E Class system) still consider Class 3-E students to be as elite as the rest of the student body.
  • Class E students are not allowed to participate in extracurricular activities since E Class is a remedial course.
  • Class E takes midterms and final exams at the main campus.


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