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Craig Hojo is the leader of group of fellow elite soldiers known as "the Wolfpack".


Hojo is a tall middle-aged man with a slim build. He has black hair that is slicked back and light eyes that are covered with frameless glasses. He has a scar on his left eye and typically wears a cold, hard expression on his face. He also has bit of a trimmed hair on the front sides of his head.


Due to its short appareance, nothing is known about Craig's personality. But he is shown to be a cold-hearted, yet intelligent man who seems to be mature enough to admit that he and his fellow soldiers have severely underestimated class 3-E.



When the Japanese government prepares to launch their master plan to kill Korosensei. He next appears alongside his men accosting Tōka Yada. A few of her classmates come to rescue her and the two groups had been on the brink of conflict but Karma Akabane instead apologises for his brashness. As they leave, Hojo observes that while the situation could have easily gotten messy, the students were more than what they appear.

When the time came to enact the government's master plan, Hojo led his team to quickly and efficiently subdue the entire Class 3-E, knowing that they could complicate the operation. Hojo later left the command building to take up positions on the mountain, both to block Korosensei off and kill any intruders that infiltrated the base perimeter of Earth's Shield.

The Wolfpack had been informed by MOD official and Tadaomi Karasuma that the students were mediocre in their assassination abilities. This led the group to severely underestimate their opponents and all but one of the group were overwhelmed and incapacitated by the students within the mountains. Hojo had also underestimated them, realising that their first contact with the students (Karma lowering his head before them) was that they had hidden their true potential. Hojo managed to knock one student unconscious and almost took out Kaede Kayano before vowing to teach the students a lesson they would not forget.

Despite being outnumbered Hojo prepared to take off his glasses so as to unleash his inner beast. However, the class's hit-and-run tactics prevented him from doing so as he was constantly fending off their attacks. Furthermore, their usage of tranquilliser rounds instead of live ammo impeded his decision of whether to kill the students or not. Eventually, a dart fired from a drone operated by Ritsu managed to hit Hojo, causing him to become less aware and get stunned by Nagisa's specialised technique. Momentarily stunned, the brutish mercenary is knocked by Karma's axe kick to the ground. The other students followed up by tying him and kepting his glasses. As the class moved forward, Hojo was impressed by the students's strength while he if left in the forest conscious.

Following this, Hojo was seen again and his fate remains unknown. But it's likely that he was removed from his poisition as a mercenary and arrested alongside his men for attempting to murder the Class 3-E.


Hojo is a well trained soldier with years of experience under his belt. His speciality in guerrilla warfare is accompanied by a fearsome reputation and possesses such strength that Karasuma himself admits to be three times stronger than his just by looking at him.

  • Intelligence: Hojo is very calculating and perceptive, knowing that the students of Class 3-E are not just typical middle school teenagers, as well having enough of a moral compass to hesitate on killing the students or not when they were unarmed.
  • Guerrilla Warfare: As a former soldier he is also efficient in completing missions with quick speed and accuracy, one example being rounding up every student of Class 3-E in a split second. With his abilities and knowledge of guerrilla tactics, this qualifies him to be a master assassin.
  • Predator Mode: By removing his glasses will turn him to a beast that can overwhelm any odds ended up in himself as a last man standing through instinctual wit. This can be countered if one were to prevent him from taking his glasses off.


  • Craig Hojo was omitted in the anime and was replaced by an Elite SDF Commander.
  • His hobby/special skill is war.
  • Craig's nationality is unknown. But he is possibly either American or British given its name.
  • His motto is "War is the science of destruction".