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Transfer Student Time, 2nd Period
Episode 11
Episode Information
Kanji 転校生の時間・2時間目
Romaji Tenkōsei no jikan, 2-jikan-me
Manga Chapters Chapter 29
Chapter 30
Chapter 31
Chapter 32
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Previous Episode Episode 10
Next Episode Episode 12
Air Date
Japanese March 27, 2015
English April 29, 2015 (Broadcast Dub)
November 14, 2020 (Toonami)
Theme Music
Opening Seishun Satsubatsuron
Ending Hello, shooting-star

Transfer Student Time, 2nd Period is the eleventh episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode aired on March 27, 2015.


Another assassin transfer student named Itona joins Class E. Itona shares many traits with Korosensei, and his primary goal is to hunt down Korosensei and kill him. Could this assassination become a successful assassination?


Before the start of the day, Karasuma receives an email from the Ministry of Defense. It states that the second transfer student will arrive that day along with his attendant. He notifies Korosensei, who tells Class E of the new addition.

Sumire Hara asks Ritsu if the AI knows anything about the new assassin. Ritsu explains that initially, the two were supposed to arrive together. The AI would focus on long-range attacks and the other on close combat to back Korosensei into a corner. This was scrapped. However, the second transfer needed more time to be perfected before he could be deployed. Ritsu also admits that the two are incapable of working together as the other is much more powerful than itself. Something that has the entire class wondering, as Ritsu had previously been able to hit a tentacle finger. Korosensei, too, is worried about this, having underestimated the AI.

Soon, however, a man dressed entirely in white appears in the classroom. He introduces himself as Shiro, the new student's guardian. As he calls for the new arrival, the back wall is blown open, and in walks a boy from the rain. Sitting down between Terasaka and Karma, he declares himself stronger than the wall, annoying the entire class. Shiro introduces the class to Itona Horibe.

With a strong first impression and impossible-to-read Itona, even Korosensei cannot think what to make of this. However, Karma notes that despite the downpour of rain outside, Itona has stayed completely dry. He says as much as Itona states that since Karma is weaker than him, he will live, only preferring to fight those stronger than him. He immediately challenges Korosensei to fight him after the school day. He claims that both of them have similar strengths and habits and are brothers, shocking everyone present. As Itona and Shiro leave, the class immediately demands an explanation from an equally flustered Korosensei. He claims that he has no idea what he is talking about and that he was raised as an only child.

Throughout the day, the class observes the two sharing the same habits that make it appear that they are brothers. Though debate the possibility of it as Korosensei is not remotely human. In the staff room, Shiro assures Irina and Karasuma that Itona and Korosensei are indeed brothers, with the upcoming fight to prove it. The students note the similarities between Korosensei and Itona, wondering how they could be brothers.

The classroom is cleared at the end of the school day, with Itona and Korosensei in the middle. Irina notes that it is almost like an arena, while Karasuma admits that he has never seen an assassination quite like this. The rules are that one fighter loses if he crosses the desk boundary. While some students doubt that the loser will obey this rule, Karma notes that Korosensei will due to his honor and how his students view him. Korosensei adds the rule that they will also forfeit if someone harms a student. Shiro begins the fight, and Korosensei's left tentacle arm is cut off immediately. Everyone, though, is shocked not at this but at Itona's hair, which is wriggling with the same tentacles as Korosensei's.

Seeing this, an increasingly enraged Korosensei asks Itona where he got them, though Shiro refuses to answer. He claims that despite having different parents and upbringings, they are indeed brothers. Itona strikes and initially has the upper hand, exposing and exploiting Korosensei's weaknesses (shedding skin, drastically reducing speed, regrowing his tentacle arm to use up more energy, short fuse after seeing Itona's tentacles, a special hidden beam from Shiro that also hampers Korosensei's reaction time).

As the fight progresses, Nagisa notes that while indeed impressive to watch, he is somewhat saddened that the students were not given a chance to figure out these weaknesses for themselves. They are the ones that should kill him, pulling out his anti-sensei knife in thought.

Korosensei does manage to dodge all of the duo's attacks, admitting that he had not been pushed this much before and underestimating Shiro's strategy. He declares, though, that for all of Shiro's planning, he did not consider one factor. Shiro disagrees and orders Itona to finish Korosensei.

Itona's tentacles seemingly dealt the killing blow, only for his tentacles to be damaged. It is revealed that before the strike, Korosensei gathered some of the anti-sensei knives, including Nagisa's, and placed them on the floor to make it appear like he was hit. With Itona momentarily disarmed, Korosensei uses his shredded skin to cover Itona and toss him outside the building, thereby winning the fight.

Korosensei attempts to convince Itona to join the class and learn to work with the students rather than focus on strengths and weaknesses. Not knowing that Itona hates being lectured, Itona begins to rage, but Shiro knocks him out with a wrist device before anything else happens. Shiro decides to take the unconscious Itona away for the time being despite Korosensei's objections and wanting answers for why Itona has the same tentacles.

When Korosensei attempts to stop Shiro from leaving, his tentacle hand is destroyed. Revealing that the white robe Shiro wears is also made of anti-sensei material.

Later, the class asks why Korosensei is still troubled. He answers that he is embarrassed for showing his more serious side rather than his comic relief self. He does not want to be reminded of his reaction to seeing Itona's tentacles as Kirara Hazama did.

When Megu Kataoka asks why he reacted when seeing this, the teacher dodges the question, not impressing the class that he is an artificial being in an overdramatic fashion. He is surprised by the lack of reaction, as the class already knew this. Nagisa repeats the question but also asks how Korosensei came to be in his current form. The reason he is teaching E Class. Korosensei says more seriously that if they wish to know these answers, they must earn them as they try to kill him.

After he leaves, the class approaches Karasuma, asking him to teach them more assassination techniques and admitting that they hoped someone else would do the deed for them. But if that were to happen, they would return to their previous lives as Class E nobodies. Karasuma sees that Itona's assassination attempt has put them in a more positive attitude and agrees that anyone wishing to learn more can do so after class ends. Korosensei sits nearby in a tree, enjoying snacks and reading a book.


Episode Notes[]

  • Itona and Shiro debut in this episode.

Differences between the Manga[]



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