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Vision Time
Episode 14
Episode Information
Kanji ビジョンの時間
Romaji Bijon no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 43
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Previous Episode Episode 13
Next Episode Episode 15
Air Date
Japanese April 24, 2015
English May 27, 2015 (Broadcast Dub)
December 12, 2020 (Toonami)
Theme Music
Opening Jiriki Hongan Revolution
Ending Hello, shooting-star

Vision Time is the fourteenth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode first aired on April 24, 2015.


It's summertime and to beat the heat, Korosensei has made the class their own pool in the forest. While everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves,Terasaka feels alienated and turns to the assistance of Shiro in planning an assassination that involves the class.


A day after the Takaoka incident, Korosensei leads Class E in their swimsuits through the bush in the middle of a hot day. Although the school does have a pool in the main campus, the path Korosensei leads them on suggests otherwise. He soon reveals that he built their very own pool in the forest.

Everyone jumps in and has fun, though their mood is dampened slightly when Korosensei becomes too fussy in enforcing his pool regulations. Kurahashi playfully splashes some water on Korosensei, who screams in fright that catches everyone's attention. When Karma rocks Korosensei's chair in an attempt to make him fall into the pool much to the latter's fright, the class realises that they discovered a critical weakness - their teacher can't swim.

The only person who does not join in on the fun is Terasaka, who is feeling increasingly alienated as time passes on. He believes that the class is steadily growing to like Korosensei instead of trying to kill him; even his two friends, Muramatsu and Yoshida, have been warming up to Korosensei after one having improved his grades thanks to Korosensei's study night sessions and the other sharing Korsensei's interests with motorcycles. With the latter, Terasaka smashes the wooden model of the motorbike that sends Korosensei into tears and ignites a can of smoke in the building, earning the class's disgust at his actions. Terasaka accuses the class of becoming too friendly with their target instead of killing him. However, Karma counters him, stating that Terasaka should kill Korosensei if he does not like him. Terasaka goads Karma to fight him, but the latter quickly silences him with a veiled threat.

Terasaka leaves the building. While he pours a can of the mixture into the new pool, he muses of how he once used his muscular build into intimidating people to doing his bidding. He tried this when he transferred to Kunigagaoka Junior High but discovered that bullying was useless due to everyone else being more concerned about their grades. Being in Class E due to low grades made him feel at ease until Korosensei's arrival gave the class a purpose to kill him. Terasaka is then approached by Shiro and Itona. Shiro hands him some cash for putting his plan into progress and seems to share Terasaka's feelings. Itona, however, goes up close to him and states that Terasaka has no vision, who will always be a weakling to someone like Karma.

The next day, Korosensei seems to be crying. Irina yells at him to stop. However, he states it is actually his mucus that is pouring out of his tiny nostrils close to his eyes. When Terasaka arrives, Korosensei approaches him, hoping that yesterday's events could be put behind them. Terasaka, however, declares that today will be the day he kills Korosensei and demands the class to head down to the pool. Although the students refuse to do so since Terasaka never helped them in their previous assassination attempts, Korosensei tells them to help him. Nagisa catches up to Terasaka, stating that he should go through the plan with the class for a better chance of success and come up with a backup plan just in case. Terasaka flat out refuses, stating that those without a vision will always be weak, which Nagisa notes to be someone else's words rather than Terasaka's.

With most of the class and Korosensei gathered at the pool, Terasaka plans to have a hidden Itona push Korosensei into the pool and allow the class the chance to kill him. Earlier, Shiro gave him a gun that is supposedly the transmitter to signal them to act. When Terasaka fires the weapon, but it triggered an explosion that destroys the dam for the pool. The sudden current sweeps the class in danger of falling off the cliff and being killed, forcing Korosensei to save them and Terasaka from collapsing in shock of what really transpired, thinking that they never told him about this part of the plan.

Shiro, who was hiding with Itona at the bottom of the cliff, calculated that with the previous day's smokescreen working in conjunction with the laced pool water, Korosensei would realise too late that his speed and tentacles will be weaker in saving the students as well as the upcoming fight with Itona. Karma arrives when he hears the class's screams. Finding the shocked Terasaka, he figures out that the plan was thought of by someone else and that Terasaka had been used. He punches Terasaka out of his mental state and lets him decide what to do while Karma runs ahead.

Korosensei saves the last of the students but is then ambushed by Itona. The two proceed to fight, but the students notice that Korosensei seems to be holding back. At that moment, Terasaka arrives, stating that it was not just the laced water but also that Sumire Hara is in danger. The tree branch she is hanging on to unable to support her weight for long. At Terasaka's insistence, Karma comes up with a plan. He asks Terasaka to step into the fight and take Itona's tentacle attack.

Shiro orders Itona to get Terasaka out of the way, and the latter takes Itona's tentacle blow to the chest. Shiro is amazed that their new opponent was able to withstand such a hit. But just as Itona is about to land another blow, he sneezes, confusing Shiro. Karma reveals that as Terasaka was wearing the same shirt as yesterday, the smoke from the can still lingering on him, thus weakening Itona. Terasaka then calls for Muramatsu and Yoshida to jump into the water. They do so, with the splash spraying onto Itona.

The rest of the class sans Karma join in and splash Itona. In the chaos, Korosensei gets Hara safely down. With no advantages left, Shiro admits defeat. Itona goes as well, despite Korosensei inviting him to join the class for good. The class celebrate their victory, though Terasaka is scolded by Hara for crudely describing her weight earlier. When Karma adds more insult to injury, Terasaka scolds him for not doing anything except taking all the credit. The class agrees with this point and bring Karma down to the water, much to his irritation.

Nagisa ends his narration with Terasaka becoming another ally. However, notes that at the time none of them realized another weakness of Korosensei's that came up, something much more important than his inability to swim.


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