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End of Term Time
Episode 15
Episode Information
Kanji 期末の時間
Romaji Kimatsu no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 50
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
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Previous Episode Episode 14
Next Episode Episode 16
Air Date
Japanese May 1, 2015
English June 3, 2015
(Broadcast Dub)
Theme Music
Opening Jiriki Hongan Revolution
Ending Hello, shooting-star

End-of-Term Time is the fifteenth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode first aired on May 1, 2015.


As Class E studies for the upcoming end-of-term finals, the Five Virtuosos, led by Gakushū Asano, is on their case. With a bet on which class with the highest grades in five subjects gets to request anything from the losing class on the line, each group studies hard for that fateful day.


The final exams are almost upon the school and Korosensei busies himself preparing Class E for it. Having got the basics down from the mid-terms, Korosensei does not wish for all the class to get into the top 50. Instead, he motivates them with a goal. Whoever reaches the top spot in any of the subjects gets the right to shoot off one of Korosensei's tentacles. As Shiro previously demonstrated, each tentacle that is cut decreases Korosensei's speed by 10%, making it easier for the class to kill him.

Sugino receives a call from Shindo who tells them that for E Class to return to the main campus (or in their case, make it easier for the class to kill their teacher) they have to beat the Five Virtuosos of Class A, led by the charismatic Gakushū Asano, the chairman's only son.

Meanwhile, Karasuma and Irina are given reassurance from the chairman that he will not resort to petty tricks like in the last mid-terms. Asano himself rallies Class A to study hard but also wishes to discover the truth behind the rumours of Class E's mysterious teacher, confronting him on it and wanting to use the information to blackmail his father.

Yuma Isogai invites Nagisa and Kaede Kayano to join him, Rio Nakamura, Yukiko Kanzaki and Manami Okuda for a study session in the main campus library. At the library, they are confronted by the Five Virtuosos minus Gakushu. The Five attempt to intimidate the group, one trying to flirt with Kanzaki (which Nagisa and Kayano comment that she has the worst luck in men) and another confronting Okuda standing up for Class E. The latter realizes that Kanzaki, Nakamura, Isogai and Okuda are ranked quite highly in Japanese, English, Social Studies and Science respectively from the mid-terms. Seeing their potential, the Five make a hasty bet that whoever wins gets to order the losers around.

When one comments that they are willing to put their lives on the line, however, Nagisa, Kanzaki and Nakamura each point the sharp end of their pencils at the throats and eyes of their taunters (with Isogai pretending to, using his finger). Nagisa comments that they should not be so quick to offer their lives as the Virtuosos make their exit, declaring that the deal is final.

The Virtuosos report the deal to Gakushu Asano. He sees that this could work for Class A as motivation and quickly types up a contract for Classes A and E to sign. Whoever wins has one request to order the losers around, which comes with 50 other clauses. Asano motivates Class A further, but for him, one clause states that Class E must answer any question truthfully if Class A wins (Although due to laws in Japan, Class E can sign it and not have to do anything the contract states). This allows Gakushu to discover the truth behind Class E's mysterious teacher and use the information to control his father.

With news of the bet reaching everyone in the school, both classes cram hard. Only Karma does not take the cramming sessions seriously, believing that he will ace the tests regardless despite Korosensei's warnings. The night before the exam, the principal supervises the exam writers, who come up with questions that even Class A will have a hard time to solve.

On the morning before the English exam, Nakamura and Nagisa are among the first to arrive. When they enter their exam room, they discover a Ritsu proxy. Karasuma explains that the AI could not take part and had to humiliatingly seek the principal's permission to allow a substitute to fill in for Ritsu. He does, however, wish the two good luck as the whole school begin their final exams.


Episode Notes[]

  • Gakushū Asano debuts in this episode along with the official introduction of the other Five Virtuosos.

Differences between the Manga[]



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