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Island Time
Episode 17
Episode Information
Kanji 島の時間
Romaji Shima no jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 56
Chapter 57
Chapter 58
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Previous Episode Episode 16
Next Episode Episode 18
Air Date
Japanese May 15, 2015
English June 17, 2015
(Broadcast Dub)
Theme Music
Opening Jiriki Hongan Revolution
Ending Hello, shooting-star

Island Time is the seventeenth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode first aired on May 15, 2015.


It's summer! A time for bugs! A time for erotic magazines! As a few Class E students are out collecting bugs to sell for some pocket money for their trip to Okinawa, they run into Okajima who has set a trap for Korosensei. Will perversion save the world!?


Several days into the summer holidays, Nagisa accompanies Sugino in the bushes of the school to find some stag beetles. They are joined by Maehara, whose motives for finding them are purely monetary as a way to attract girls. Kurahashi also joins in, stating that the bugs they will find would not be worth much on the market as they had been created artificially. She says that she is looking for a rare bug type, one that would sell a lot more than the standard types. Having set up scent traps the night before, the small group collects several bugs. The sizeable bounty makes Sugino comment that it would not be a bad side job.

A voice rings out behind them, and the group find Okajima, stating that he's after a 10 million yen bounty. He has been data collecting for a month, observing Korosensei's face while looking at pornography magazines. With the assassination to take place on the island, Korosensei's guard is assumed to be down and thus a good time to kill him. The group find their teacher indeed reading such a magazine on top of a pile of porn magazines.

However, he dressed himself up as an oversized stag beetle to their chagrin. Okajima reveals that he set up a trap; the pile covered a pit full of anti-sensei BBs that will be triggered with the cut of the rope. Just as Okajima states that perversion will save the world and spring his trap, Korosensei's face changes expression, his eyes zooming in at a spot on a tree. He catches his target with his tentacle and holds up a stag beetle with white eyes. Kurahashi suddenly leaps out of the group's hiding spot at Okajima's expense, asking excitedly if it was the bug she was looking for. Korosensei confirms it, and the two jump in joy. Maehara comments that the sight of an octopus and a high school girl jumping happily on top of a pile of porn magazines is one to behold.

At this, Korosensei sees the boys and is profoundly embarrassed that a small audience had witnessed his pornography habits despite knowing it was a trap. Kurahashi and Korosensei later explain that the bug's white eyes are a sign that it is albino, meaning that it is quite rare and will fetch hundreds of thousands of yen to the boys' shock. When Kurahashi asks who wants to sell the beetle, everyone offers their hand as they chase her through the bushes.

One week before heading to the Okinawa island resort, the entire class returns to the school to train for their upcoming assassination. With Korosensei recuperating on Mount Everest, Karasuma invites Lovro as an outstanding instructor to help train the students. After ordering Irina to help out and get changed, he observes each of the students' performance while voicing his concerns to Karasuma that three of his promising assassins cannot be contacted at all.

Lovro reviews the class's plan but asks about the psychological attacks as the first step. Nagisa clarifies that they will use Korosensei's bug outfit and porn magazines (and his attempt to bribe the students that day) as blackmail to weaken his resolve before the students strike.

Lovro commends the plan to be quite brutal. The marksmanship of the class is decent overall. However, Lovro pays particular attention to Rinka Hayami and Chiba, one specialising in long-range sniping and the other in close quarters shootout. The retired hitman even admits that he would have loved to train them personally. Nagisa soon approaches Lovro and asks him who is the best assassin. Appearing to recognize the boy and sensing a hidden skill, he first asks if the boy is interested in the business of assassination, which Nagisa politely denies. Lovro answers that the best assassin in the world is known only as the Shinigami (the God of Death) and if a target cannot be assassinated, they eventually encounter him. Wanting to nurture Nagisa a bit further, he starts to tells him of a surefire killing technique, as the camera pans upwards.

A week later, the class arrive at the island resort. Some of the students accept a hotel employee's welcoming drink as they start preparations. Half of the class have split into smaller groups to distract Korosensei's attention to give the rest some time to scout the island and make preparations for the night's assassination attempt.

While this is going on, Irina is upset that no one is on the island to see her swimwear debut, as Karasuma notes that the last guest left the island since the class had reserved the whole hotel resort. After he tosses Irina into the water for her annoying antics, he asks her whether the students' master plan could backfire. She confirms it based on her experiences which is when she will strike.

By the end of the day's activities, Korosensei was practically sunburnt to the point where no one can read his facial expressions. Taking a boat ride (knowing that he is prone to seasickness) the class dine where the students complain about his burnt exterior. Korosensei simply sheds his skin to remove the burnt covering, but to everyone's shock unwittingly made himself weaker after forgetting it was a once-a-month defines measure. After dinner, the students take Korosensei to a small theatre hut which was surrounded by water. The students announce that the time has come to kill their teacher which their target is looking forward to.


Episode Notes[]

  • In the English dub, the school mascot Kunudon lets out a swear word upon learning of Class E taking the Okinawa trip though it has been censored.

Differences between the Manga[]

  • Korosensei's own training on Mount Everest in the manga is omitted from the anime. Similarly Karasuma's suspicions about rumours of internal troubles at the Ministry of Defense is not present in the anime.
  • Irina's swimsuit in the manga was censored and changed to a less revealing one in the anime.



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