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Karma's Time, 2nd Period
Episode 20
Episode Information
Kanji カルマの時間・2時間目
Romaji Karma no jikan, 2 jikanme
Manga Chapters Chapter 65
Chapter 66
Chapter 67
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 19
Next Episode Episode 21
Air Date
Japanese June 5, 2015
English July 8, 2015
(Broadcast Dub)
Theme Music
Opening Jiriki Hongan Revolution
Ending Hello, shooting-star

Karma's Time, 2nd Period is the twentieth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime. The episode first aired on June 5, 2015.


As the group of Class E students continue to the top floor, they continue to run into assassin after assassin.


Karma goads Grip into fighting him than call for reinforcements. Grip obliges and proceeds to duel him. The two are locked in quick hand-to-hand combat, with Karma effortlessly dodging and blocking all of Grip's moves, knowing that a single grab from Grip's hands will be the end of him. Karasuma recognises Karma's movements as his own, deducing that the boy had likely observed him dodging his classmates' knife attacks. Despite prioritising self-defence in terms of assassination as low. The hitman asks when his opponent will attack as defeating him is the only way forward. Karma assures him that he could have easily distracted the assassin from noticing the students slip past a few at a time but will not resort to such tactics.

Karma goes on the offensive and trades blows with Grip until he kicks the hitman in the groin. Bent over in slight pain and with his back turned, Karma prepares to finish him off. Suddenly, Grip ignites a gas spray, seemingly catching Karma off guard and succumbing him into its effects. The watchful students are horrified and outraged at this foul play. But Grip excuses himself that nothing is fair in assassination. Grip holds Karma up as he sees how effective Smog's paralysing gas had worked. But with his guard down, Karma also lets out a surprise gas spray, having thought of this too and covered his mouth with a handkerchief, and therefore paralysing Grip. Under its effects Grip tries to slash at Karma with a hidden blade. Still, the boy disarms him and calls Terasaka for backup in pinning the assassin down. Under Karasuma's warning, the boys cautiously wrap Grip up with duct tape.

Defeated, the hitman asks where Karma got Smog's gas spray. He reveals that he took it after Smog was defeated, figuring it would be useful in later engagements. When they fought, Karma was always on guard for anything but Grip's powerful hands. Korosensei sees that Karma has changed since bombing out at the end of semester exams, and has learnt humility out of this. However, he takes back his statement as the class witnesses Karma displaying his antics once again - pouring a large amount of chilli and spicy paste into the helpless Grip's nostrils.

The group soon reach the sixth floor of the hotel, where the terrace and bar are located. Ritsu tells them that to proceed further, they have to go around and into the bar area to open the door from the other side. As the bar area is known to house guards and questionable characters, Isogai notes that the boys will stand out a lot more. Megu Kataoka and the girls volunteer to do the task despite Karasuma's concerns. Karma, however, comes up with an idea and looks meaningfully at Nagisa, to his worry.

At the bar, Yuji Norita is bored. He sees a group of girls walking across the bar, one of whom seems to be very reluctant to be there. That girl is revealed to be a very reluctant Nagisa, cross-dressed as a girl, accompanying Kataoka and the others to the door that they need to pass through. Yuji walks up to the group and taps Nagisa on the shoulder, asking him to have a drink with him. Wanting to avoid suspicion, Kataoka encourages Nagisa to go with him and promises to call Nagisa if the girls needed him. The girls are later greeted by two burly men, asking to hang out with them. Just as Kataoka is about to lose her patience Toka Yada steps in.

She playfully and politely refuses while holding up a Yakuza pin, which scares the men to back away. Yada states to the girls that she got the pin from Irina, who had a boxful of wearable pins as part of her assassination work. Although she does not wish to use Irina's seduction techniques, she figures that learning about intimacy and negotiation as a "second blade" would be beneficial in life. This earns much praise from her peers, and Kayano admitting that she admires Yada despite her breast size. The girls soon find their goal blocked by a watchful guard, as they realise they may need a guy after all. Kataoka sends Kayano to fetch for Nagisa.

Meanwhile, Nagisa is forced to witness Yuji trying to act cool. The latter's attempts to impress Nagisa fail when he unwittingly tells of his father's peculiarities instead of himself, and also smoking marijuana, which Nagisa grabs from him stating that it is not good. Yuji despairs that it is hard for guys to impress girls who already are cool. Kayano then calls Nagisa away, as a flustered Yuji tries to chase the pair down. Nagisa is reunited with the girls, but they are unamused and annoyed when Yuji dances as his last resort.

In the process, however, he knocks a guest's drink onto his shirt. The guest gets aggressive with Yuji and demands compensation. Yada sees an opportunity and beckons Hinata Okano to knock the guest out. She obliges and knocks the guest out cold with a swift somersault kick to the face. Yuji watches on shocked as Hayami and Kataoka drag the man's body away from him. Yada calls the guard over to take the man out.

While the girls head on, Nagisa approaches Yuji and agrees that it is indeed hard for guys to act cool. Especially if the girls already have the abilities to be cool, to begin with. He advises Yuji to continue trying but not resort to drugs, dancing and alcohol before catching up with the girls. Reunited with the rest of the boys, Korosensei asks if the girls ran into any trouble, with the girls merely answering no. Nagisa has quickly redressed, eager to remove the girl clothes and bemused that it had been for nothing. Karma says it was for comic relief as he had snapped a photo of the cross-dressing Nagisa to his friend's horror, though Kayano muses that it may have helped someone out. Indeed, Yuji exits the bar area, refusing a drink and dropping the marijuana cigarettes over to a passing waiter.

The group reach the next floor where two muscled guards stand watch. Korosensei tells Terasaka that now is the perfect time for him to use his hidden weapon. Bemused that the octopus knows this, Terasaka tells Kimura to lure the guards over. With Karma's word of advice, Mimura walks up to the guards and insults the pair. The guards give chase as Mimura runs and lures them over. At that point, Terasaka and Muramatsu tackle them down and electrocute them with stun rods. Terasaka states that he bought them "when money came his way", initially intended for Korosensei. Karasuma seems to recognise the unconscious guards up close.

At their teacher's behest, Terasaka finds two actual revolvers in the men's clothes. Korosensei entrusts the guns Hayami and Chiba, being the best marksmen of the class but forbids them to kill and find other creative ways to disarm what maybe two more professional assassins ahead of them. The last area to proceed through is the concert hall. However, they are forced to hide behind the seats as a third assassin, Gastro, enters the hall and blocks their way forward.


Episode Notes[]

  • The beginning portion of Jiriki Hongan Revolution is played when Yuji Norita dances in front of Nagisa and the girls in a bid to impress them.

Differences between the Manga[]



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