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Karma's Time
Episode 03
Episode Information
Kanji カルマの時間
Romaji Karuma no Jikan
Manga Chapters Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Episode Guide
Previous Episode Episode 2
Next Episode Episode 4
Air Date
Japanese January 30, 2015
English March 4, 2015 (Broadcast Dub)
September 12, 2020 (Toonami)
Other January 23, 2015 (Funimation)
Theme Music
Opening Seishun Satsubatsuron
Ending Hello, shooting-star

Karma's Time (カルマの時間 Karuma no Jikan) is the third episode of the Assassination Classroom anime series. The episode first aired on January 30, 2015.


Karma Akabane has returned to Class 3-E after his suspension. Upon returning, he manages to injure Korosensei, which hasn't been done before. Could this become a successful assassination?


Karma Akabane transfers into Class 3-E following a suspension, managing to inflict some damage to Korosensei by giving a handshake with knife shards cleverly taped to his hand. While the students later take a quiz, Karma steals Korosensei's special gelato to get his attention, shooting him with an unloaded gun to catch him off guard.

After hearing from Nagisa Shiota that Korosensei worships the octopus, Karma leaves a dead octopus on Korosensei's desk. However, Korosensei cooks it into takoyaki to ridicule Karma. Throughout the day, Korosensei manages to anticipate every prank Karma tries to pull.

As a last resort, Karma jumps off a cliff with a gun in hand, which would determine if Korosensei would risk his life for a student or would destroy his pride as a teacher. However, Korosensei manages to save Karma uses his tentacles like a giant spiderweb, leading Karma to accept Korosensei as a teacher.


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