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Eighth Period: Reaper Time, Part 2
Episode 30
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Kanji 死神の時間 後編
Romaji Shinigami no jikan kōhen
Manga Chapters Chapter 105
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Previous Episode Episode 29
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Air Date
Japanese February 25, 2016
Theme Music
Ending Kaketa Tsuki

Reaper Time, Part 2 is the thirtieth episode of the Assassination Classroom anime and the eighth episode of Season 2 that aired in Japan on February 25, 2016.


Korosensei and Karasuma arrive to rescue the captured students. When the Reaper reveals that his assassination plan will also kill Class 3-E as collateral, Karasuma is forced to decide whether to sacrifice the students for the sake of the mission or lose the best chance of finally assassinating Korosensei.


Korosensei and Karasuma arrive at the complex where the Reaper has captured all the students. The two enter the building where they are met by the Reaper holding Irina at gunpoint and that she and the students were strapped with an explosive collar ring around their necks.

The assassin asks whether he is known to Karasuma, who admits that he heard about him from Lovro, who in turn was revealed to have been left alive by the Reaper to spread the word to Karasuma. He throws Irina at the pair who stumbles to the floor. He explains that he has fitted her and the student's necks with explosives. With the pair's attention focused exclusively on the Reaper, she shoots at one of Korosensei's tentacles. His monetary lapse of concentration results in the assassin triggering a trap door causing Korosensei to fall through it. A desperate attempt to hold onto the walls was foiled by the assassin's fast gun reflexes. With this, Korosensei falls to his imprisonment along with the captured students.

With the bars designed with anti-sensei metal, Korosensei cannot squeeze through them without hurting himself. He reveals that he has overcome this weakness and resorts to licking the bars much to the class' bemusement. The Reaper, Irina and Karasuma return to the lower floor, the former being somewhat disappointed at the lack of effort to capture their target. The assassin then reveals that the complex is connected to a drainage channel, and activating a release will fill the area with water. This will drown Korosensei as well as the imprisoned students as collateral damage. Karasuma is surprised that Irina had gone along with the assassin's plan knowing this, with Irina rebuking that only the results matter.

The assassin agrees as he and Irina came from the same upbringing. Karasuma then thinks back to a time where he questioned his superior officer of the government's response to a situation where the students could be in mortal peril. The superior tries to avoid the issue but allows Karasuma to act as he sees fit.

Back in the present, Karasuma punches the Reaper in the face, having decided the safety of the students takes top priority over the mission. With his plan in jeopardy, the assassin leaves for the control room to activate his plan. Karasuma states to Irina that living as a professional hitman is not so care-free before rushing to pursue him. Irina later leaves to chase after him after the Reaper orders her to despite setting up traps to slow him down. Indeed, Karasuma blasted his way through an explosive-laden door without so much of a scratch. He soon catches up to the assassin just outside the control room however he is nearly shot from behind by Irina. To slow him down further, the Reaper activates another trap, which collapses the ceiling and buries both Karasuma and Irina.

Karasuma frees himself, but Irina lies unconscious. His transceiver begins to talk as Korosensei finally manages to get a connection through after hearing an explosion from their imprisonment. Karasuma is prepared to leave Irina behind. But Kurahashi prompts him to save Irina, arguing that she (only being 21 years old) had not been able to grow maturely due to her traumatising childhood. Irina herself flashes back to her childhood when her innocence was brutally taken away when her parents were killed by a militia soldier during a civil war. She was found by another woman after killing her parents' murderer and taken to a younger Lovro. He gives her a choice to come with him and live to kill as a way to cope with her memories, or live a peaceful life and try to overcome them.

Regaining consciousness, she finds Karasuma lifting the rubble off of her. He straps her broken arm with his shirt though the sight of his naked torso causes Irina to bleed through the nose. Karasuma tells her that the students do care for her and they need her. Meanwhile, the Reaper is in the control room. However, he looks through his monitor to see that the students and Korosensei are nowhere to be found. He activates a few of the explosive collar rings which detonate harmlessly. Shocked that they had been removed, he rushes back out.

It is revealed that the students have camouflaged themselves into the walls using their military uniforms and that they used a blind spot from the camera to further hide. Korosensei was forced to embarrassingly stripping himself down to blend in with the surroundings as the students worry the camera would detect his blushing face. Meanwhile, the Reaper finds a conscious Irina accusing him of sacrificing her. The assassin does apologise but states it has been for the best. Irina does agree with this, commenting she is a bitch who hops from one man to another.

At that Karasuma ambushes the Reaper from behind and brings him down through the large hole to a spot where Korosensei and the imprisoned students could see from a distance. Both getting up, the Reaper reveals himself to have no face (as having the same face diminishes his disguise skills) and will take pleasure in taking Karasuma's. The two men start a brutal brawl with Korosensei commenting too quickly for the students to follow. Reaper makes constant use of close combat weapons such as wire and knives. Soon, the assassin comments that he lied about coming from the same world as Irina.

In truth, he had a wealthy upbringing until his father was killed by another man. He felt no sadness from his father's death. But was captivated by how his father's murderer had killed him. Plus he was inspired to become an assassin from that point. He then points his finger at Karasuma's chest (with a hidden .10 calibre pistol) and fires it straight into his heart. Blood spurts out as Karasuma collapses to his knees.

The assassin moves closer but upon closer inspection sees one of Korosensei's tentacles covering Karasuma's heart spurting tomato juice. Karasuma takes advantage of his opponent's lapse of concentration and hooks him in the groin. The assassin staggers and tries to plea with Karasuma though the latter knocks him out with another punch. Korosensei and the students are now freed. Irina tries to leave quietly but the students, still unhappy at her betrayal, catch her in the act. Despite this, they ask her to come back, and Karasuma presents her with a single rose to make up for earlier. Irina agrees, as the students and Korosensei cheer on.

Afterwards, Karasuma hands a request from the class to his superior asking that no bounty will be paid should the students come in further danger from other hitmen. The superior sees that Karasuma has grown to care for them and agrees, noting that in any case the government was done in relying on professional assassins. Instead, he reveals that the world governments and top officials are planning something else before the March deadline arrives, codenamed Operation: Last Assassin. Back at the mountain classroom, Irina joins Karasuma as they walk together for another day of the assassination.


Differences between anime and manga[]

  • In this anime episode, Class 3-E is unable to witness Karasuma through surveillance until the rubble hits both him and Irina, while in the manga, the class watches Karasuma ever since he got through the first trap.
  • The Doberman dogs are omitted in the anime.
  • The explanation of how Mimura came up with the plan to hide the class was omitted.
  • The manga showed Nagisa second-guessing his choice of becoming a hitman.
  • The explanation of how Korosensei protected Karasuma from the Reaper's Invisible Scythe was omitted.


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